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The EU about to enter the twilight zone?

Intl. Intelligence
Walker's World: The EU's grim year

UPI Editor

WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- After a grim year of slow growth, riots and terror attacks from its Muslim immigrant underclass, rows over its budget and two thumping rejections by Dutch and French voters of its planned new constitution, the European Union's leaders can hardly wait for 2005 to be over to make a fresh start in the New Year.

Sadly, they will find the same old, familiar agenda waiting for them. It is an agenda that is likely to mean more rows over Turkish accession to the EU, divisions over what to do about Russia's use of its energy power to bully Ukraine, anguish over immigration, and a great deal more rhetoric about economic reform but only modest action.

To understand the depth of the EU gloom and the nature of the divisions, it is worth taking a close look at the 68-page report from the high priests of the European movement. Calling themselves "The Friends of Europe," this high-level group of EU movers and shakers have conferred on what to do next, and come up with very slim and not at all ambitious answer.

The Friends advocate pursuing economic reform, not through the EU itself, but through the mechanism of the eurozone, the sub-group of 12 (out of 25) EU nations who use the common currency. They propose that the Commission, the EU's executive arm, reform itself and come up with some new ideas. And they suggest drafting a shorter, simpler and clearer new Treaty (shrinking from the word Constitution) to help define the EU's future progress.

It is as if Moses had come down from Mount Sinai with just two Commandments, one saying, "Be nice to one another," and the other, "Have a nice day."

The Friends of Europe heavyweights who drafted the report "Getting Europe Back on Track" include Pascal Lamy, former EU commissioner and now head of the World Trade Organization; Carl Bildt, former Swedish prime minister; Giuliano Amato, former Italian prime minister; Javier Solana, former secretary-general of NATO and now the EU's diplomatic chief; Peter Mandelson, EU Trade commissioner; Paul Revray, Europe director of the Trilateral Commission, Joachim Bitterlich, former German national security adviser, and so on.

They are the custodian idealists of the great European dream, the true believers in ever more Europe and ever more integration, the Euro-elite who have helped steer the grand project forward -- until it faltered this year. And they beat their breasts and mourn at the way they have lost touch with people they were supposed to be leading into the bright new Euro-tomorrow.

"In the hectic journey through enlargement and the Constitution, we forgot the sovereign, the citizen, his trust and our credibility," writes Bitterlich.

"The EU is often perceived as part of this process of globalization that threatens us," notes Lamy.

"Today's politicians have lost all sense of idealism regarding the European integration project, and after a decade of raging inter-governmentalism, are driven essentially by naked nationalism," writes Revray.

"Few things have been as misdirected and counterproductive as all the talk about safeguarding some imaginary European social model. It has created the impression that change and globalization is something that is threatening and dangerous, and that the task of politics is to resist change. It has been truly damaging to Europe as a whole," writes Bildt.

Taken together, these gloomy analyses sound like a ruling class that has lost confidence in itself and in its mission. But the former Swedish prime minister then goes on to make a genuinely new and fresh contribution to the EU debate.

"We must understand that we are at the beginning of the creation of a new European economy in the context of a rapidly changing global economy. The stagnation in some of the central economies isn't the really interesting story at the moment -- the interesting story is the success of the radical reform policies initiated by Estonia a decade ago and recently reinvigorated by Slovakia. Over time, the success of these reforms, and the new growth opportunities they are creating, will influence all the other European economies," Bildt notes.

The reforms that have been adopted in these Eastern European countries include the flat tax, low corporation taxes, deregulated labor markets, a clear welcome to foreign investment -- an aggressive adoption of what French and German politicians sneer at as "the Anglo-Saxon agenda" of free markets and free trade.

But these are the kinds of reform that were supposedly adopted by the EU at their Lisbon summit five years ago, adopted but not enacted and never very seriously tried.

Peter Berry, who is not one of the aging grandees in the Friends of Europe group, but instead the much younger editor of the online journal EuropaWorld, says the real question is "whether Europe actually wants to be led at the present time at all?"

"We may have a Europe of the 25, but it is a Europe of 25 troubled and fractious countries, uncertain as to their future direction on almost all fronts," he suggests.

"In the absence of a clear, rational and coherent European perspective, member states are therefore dancing on the European stage to the tunes played by their electorates back home. Some look forward, others back; some embrace grand solutions, others the minimalist option. The major issues, the constitution, the economy, sustainable development, migration, foreign and security policy and now budgetary reform are themselves becoming, by proxy, a new set of European battlefields," Berry argues.

That is where Berry, speaking for the Europhile young generation, meets the older generation of the Friends. They both want to reinvigorate the Commission, and revive its traditional mission as custodian of the European idea and powerhouse for the planning and reform to drive it forward. That was the role the Commission played until the 1990s, when the nation states decided it had become too potent under Jacques Delors and it was time for the national governments to take over.

Even if adopted (and the national governments would not much like it), such a revival of the Commission would revive the old arguments about Brussels elitism and grand bureaucratic projects that have little public support or democratic legitimacy. The lesson of 2005 is that Europe's citizens do not want "more Europe," but simply prefer good jobs and schools and pensions and health care they can rely on.

Or as Commissioner Mandelson put it to the Friends of Europe: "The jobs and living standards argument for Europe no longer rings true." European voters no longer see the EU as guaranteeing the prosperity and security they have come to expect. Until they do, the EU will continue to falter.


The emphasis was mine, since biblical prophecy clearly reveals Europe will ultimately be composed of the TOP TEN nations in their unholy union, the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire of the GERMAN NATION, spellbound by Germany and the Jesuits, as Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall warns.

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The Holocaust Industry

The Holocaust WAS an industry for GERMANY, and according to biblical prophecies the next holocaust (against the American, British and Jewish peoples primarily) WILL become an industry for the GERMAN-JESUIT EU.

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Paddy Ashdown and Nazi-Muslims


Now that the supreme ruler of Bosnia, able to sack elected politicians, overturn constitutions and rule without accountability, Paddy Ashdown, is stepping down it is worth recognising his true nature by looking at those he admires:

"There can be no peace nor co-existence between the Islamic Faith and non Islamic institutions....The Islamic movement must and can take power as soon as it is morally and numerically strong enough not only to destroy the Islamic power but to build a new Islamic one". Alia Izetbegovic the President of Bosnia (the Muslim Declaration of 1969)

"He became the father of his people - the person who did more than any other to ensure the survival of the modern state of Bosnia and Herzegovina." Lord "Paddy" Ashdown at Alia Izetbegovic funeral October 2003

For the full story of Ashdown in Bosnia go to the Freenations website.

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First Galileo satellite lifts off

First Galileo satellite lifts off
28.12.2005 - 09:51 CET | By Lucia Kubosova

The European Union's first satellite of the Galileo navigation program has been launched from Kazakhstan, a move considered as the start of Europe's space race with the US.

The 600 kg British built spacecraft, named "Giove A," took off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on a Soyuz rocket early Wednesday morning (28 December).

The satellite is part of Galileo, the €3.4 billion system from which the EU is aiming to deploy a total of 30 satellites by 2010.

The network will provide access to precise timing and location services delivered from space to the bloc's member states, currently relying on a system controlled by the US millitary.

The Galileo project, which is designed to rival America's Global Positioning System, aims to revolutionise industries including transport and will be used in maritime, rail and other navigation systems.

It will help the EU to set up a new air-traffic control system, allowing pilots to fly their own routes and altitudes, BBC reported.

The European governments will get tools needed to introduce wide-scale road charging, while mobile phone users will be able to pinpoint hospitals, car parking lots or hotels thanks to a Galileo chip integrated in their phones.

Giove A will test technologies needed for the other components of the project, like the in-orbit performance of two atomic clocks or radio frequencies assigned to Galileo within the International Telecommunications Union.

Galileo is a joint project between the EU and the European Space Agency, and is regarded by experts as Europe's largest space project to date.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Shimon Peres poster: Wanted for murder?

Is Shimon Peres guilty of the murder of Yitzhak Rabin? Was Shimon Peres an accomplice in Rabin's assassination? Does Shimon Peres have the blood of Yitzhak Rabin on his hands?

Watch the Kempler Video!

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Vatican Hardliner Named Ambassador To US

Vatican Hardliner Named Ambassador To US

(Vatican City) The Vatican's man in the Holy Land has been named the new papal nuncio to the United States.

Pope Benedict XVI on Monday named Archbishop Pietro Sambi the nuncio to Israel and Palestine to be the Vatican's ambassador to Washington.

Last year, Sambi was instrumental in getting World Pride celebrations scheduled for Jerusalem cancelled. Sambi helped organize a precedent setting meeting of Jewish, Islamic, and Christian leaders to condemn gay pride.

Following the meeting the clerics issued a statement calling World Pride "offensive".

Organizers of the event say they will hold World Pride in August, 2006 in Jerusalem.

Sambi, 67, is a career diplomat for the Vatican.

He replaces Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo Higuera in Washington. Montalvo is retiring at age 75.

Earlier this month, Montalvo reportedly asked Boston Archbishop Sean P. O’Malley to step in and stop allowing Catholic Charities of Boston to place adoptive children with same-sex couples.

Catholic Charities has been under fire since it became known earlier this year that a handful of children had been placed with gay and lesbian couples.

At the time it said that because it accepts money from the state it could not discriminate. /

From the forums:

"Makes you wonder what influence he'll have on us if we elect a Catholic President."

"The importance of this is that he will bring Catholics back to the churches they've abandoned since homosexuals were allowed to enter the priesthood."

Obviously homosexuals were already in the priesthood without asking permission to enter or "came out" of their prayer closet a different man once in the unbiblical monastery.

I doubt the hardliner will bring Catholics back to their pagan churches, but will further prove to their false father figure in Rome how distant and estranged American Catholics are from his conservative views. This will lead to a growing acceptance that the German-Jesuit EU - the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire of the German Nation - must destroy the body to save the soul. They will justify their nuclear blitzkrieg against us because of America's liberal Catholics, America's a la carte Catholics who must be punished and forcibly brought back into the fold.

"This man is totally against homosexuality and he will make sure that that homosexuality is viewed, as the abomination that it is."

Practicing homosexuality is an abomination, but the hypocritical Catholic whore (and her Protestant prostitute daughters) engage in many abominations whoring around with foreign gods and heathen customs and pagan practices - an unclean Church founded by the Gentile Samaritan sorcerer Simon Magus, not the Jew Simon Peter.

God and the Gays

The Two Babylons by Hislop (zip)

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Bavarian pope to pump life into the EU body

Excerpt from [Comment] Who will lead Europe in 2006?
19.12.2005 - 09:52 CET | By Peter Sain ley Berry


Europe needs leadership
Yet what Europe does need, clearly, is leadership. Leadership that is capable of forging a transnational consensus and commanding respect among the electorates of member states.

This can't be other than political: the notion that somehow if we 'listen' to 'citizens' we shall miraculously find them saying the same (or at least not incompatible) things is clearly preposterous.

As is the idea, seemingly prevalent in some quarters of the Commission, that the good souls of Europe have locked away inside them some 'vision' of a European future, which politicians at the national level have missed.

For a moment in the blissful dawn of the Tony Blair's European Parliament speech it did seem as though he really might succeed in providing this necessary political leadership. Clearly that was not to be.

But without such a coherent vision, whether it comes from a member state politician or from a European Parliamentarian, the European project risks falling victim to the vacuum that is its empty centre.

It would then simply and slowly disintegrate, with smaller budgets and reduced powers, into the type of Organisation of European States advocated by the Czech President, Vaclav Havel, and others. If this is the democratic will, so be it, but Europe deserves better than for this to happen by default.

We can only hope that cometh the hour, cometh the man - or indeed woman - someone who will not only advocate reform but deliver it as well. Who indeed will succeed in drawing this sword from the stone? That is the real question for 2006.

Nadolig Llawen, as we say in these parts, a Blwydden Hapus Dda.

The author is editor of EuropaWorld/

Biblical prophecy, which is often history recorded in advance by our Great Creator God, the Superior and Supreme Being of the Universe (who far surpasses mortal capabilities), not only declares there shall be a United States of Europe, the final revival of the unholy Roman Empire of the German Nation as Herbert W. Armstrong warned, but gives us the details that it shall be composed of both weak and strong elements that don't share the right chemistry to form a longlasting relationship, and that such a corrupt cohesion will last only 3 1/2 years.

The EU will ultimately consist of a core group, the top ten nations, who will serve as the nucleus the other member states circle their wagons around, especially when threatened by an Islamofascist leader and his confederation to the south.

Watch for the Bavarian pope to get more lively about Europe's direction and seek to influence public opinion to support the Vatican's elect to lead Europe in the direction they feel Providence has chosen. The pope will powerfully back their man with lying signs and wonders, having the masses eating out of his hand, and declare such "miracles" are proof that Providence has chosen this hour to reveal such a man to save Europe and lead the world. The pope will bring the EU body to life! The emperor will revive the Roman empire!

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Germany and the Vatican covet the Temple Mount!

by Barry Chamish

Just a few weeks ago, the following was the issue of the day in Israel:

Report: Israel to hand control of Jerusalem holy site
to Vatican
Haaretz November 6, 2005
By Amiram Barkat
Israel is to give the Vatican control over one of the
most sacred Christian sites in Jerusalem, several
European newspapers have reported recently. According
to the reports, Israel will give the Holy See
possession of the Coenaculum, or the Room of the Last
Supper (also known as the Upper Room or the Cenacle),
on Mount Zion.

In response to the news, I wrote an article which proved the handover of the Old City of Jerusalem was a done deal. In fact, it was one of the secret clauses of the first Oslo "peace" accord signed by the Israeli government.
A week after, I received a phone call from a rabbi of the Diaspora Yeshiva. He explained that the Tourism Minister was visiting their school the next day and he was trying to fill the study hall to prove to the government that their yeshiva was too valuable to be given away.
I replied that I would not partake in such a spectacle. I might come if the students forcibly barred the Minister or any government official from entering the property. Hadn't he learned anything from Gush Katif? The government of Israel couldn't care less about him and could care even less how many students he can pack into a room. Mount Zion was a litmus test of how much opposition the government and its corrupted army could expect when all of the Old City was turned over to the Vatican.
He said I must talk to the headmaster of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Goldstein.
An hour later, I was honored by a call from Rabbi Goldstein. Soon, however, I was in despair. As far as he knew, the Vatican wanted to turn his school into a money making tourist site and the Ministry of Tourism was being enticed by the prospects of millions of Catholic tourists visiting Israel to see the Last Supper room.
I did my best to wake the Rabbi. I told him that tourism was the facade, not the issue. I tried to explain the global forces using their muscle to get the Jews out of Jerusalem's holy sites. I noted that the government of Israel was the worst enemy of Judaism and that he must block the entrance of their representative with whatever force he could muster.
However, as with the Rabbis of Gush Katif, my words were wasted. Mount Zion will give up without a real fight. You watch.
Nonetheless, the truth marches on. A brilliant Jerusalem-based German-born historian, Dr. Asher Edar, also honored me with a conversation. Vive le difference:

BC - Why is the Vatican suddenly so interested in getting its hands on Mount Zion real estate?

AE - There's nothing sudden about it at all. In fact, the roots of the desire go back 1200 years to the time of Charlemagne. He was the Vatican's military tool for converting Europe to Roman Catholicism.
He succeed magnificently and created what is known as the Holy Roman Empire but what was then called The Holy Roman Empire Of The German Nation. Charlemagne's capital was at Aachen and there he built his first cathedral.

BC - Excuse me but, so?

AE - Next to the yeshiva on Mount Zion is the Dormition Abbey, built by the Germans starting in 1906. It is an exact duplicate of Charlemagne's Aachen Cathedral.

BC - How did that happen?

AE - Kaiser Wilhelm II came to Jerusalem in 1898 to build two churches, a modest Lutheran Church of minor religious significance and a magnificent Catholic structure on Mount Zion. In 1898, the ruler of a nation didn't make such a difficult journey to a diplomatic backwater unless it was extremely important. The Vatican was worried that the British had an operating church in Jerusalem and its presence could solidify and spread. The Vatican provided much of the funds for the trip and the bribe to the Turkish Sultan, Khamid. Since Wilhelm had a Protestant population to appease, he put up a smaller Lutheran church as well, but the real prize was Mount Zion.

BC - Why all the money and trouble if the Vatican gets the real estate? What was in it for Germany?

AE - Germany has never given up its dream of reviving the Holy Roman Empire. At the height of that empire, their greatest king, Frederick the Great, marched into Jerusalem and became the city's king. Jerusalem was once part of the Holy Roman Empire and the dream is that it will be again. In this empire, the delineation of powers was strict. The pope was the spiritual leader, but the political leader was whoever ruled Germany. This dream led straight to World War I.

BC - Where do the Jews fit in all this?

AE - Nowhere. Herzl tried to get a role for the Jews and met with Wilhelm in Jerusalem. Wilhelm would have nothing to do with him. His goal was to save Jerusalem for a Christendom led politically by Germany and spiritually by Rome. Nothing has changed except now the pope is a determined German. The Vatican want the Jews out of the Old City and apparently our government is agreeing with them.

Now a history lesson with little comment:
Encyclopedia—Frederick II, Holy Roman emperor and German king
King of Jerusalem
Having married (1225) Yolande, daughter of John of Brienne, he claimed the crown of Jerusalem, but again postponed his departure on crusade. He further offended the pope by reasserting at the Diet of Cremona (1226) the imperial claim to Lombardy. The Lombard League was immediately revived, but open conflict did not break out until 1236. On the insistent demand of the new pope, Gregory IX, Frederick embarked on a crusade (Sept., 1227), but fell ill, turned back, and was excommunicated.
In 1228 he finally embarked. His “crusade,” actually a state visit, was a diplomatic victory. At Jaffa he made a treaty by which Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem were surrendered to the Christians, with the Mosque of Omar being left to the Muslims. In 1229 he crowned himself king at Jerusalem.,_Holy_Roman_Emperor
In 1226, by means of the Golden Bull of Rimini he confirmed the legitimacy of rule by the Teutonic Knights under their headmaster Hermann von Salza over the Prussian lands east of the Vistula, the Chelmno Land.
At the time he was crowned Emperor, Frederick had promised to go on crusade. In preparation for his crusade, Frederick had, in 1225, married Yolande of Jerusalem, heiress to the Kingdom of Jerusalem, and immediately taken steps to take control of the Kingdom from his new father-in-law, John of Brienne. However, he continued to take his time in setting off, and in 1227, Frederick was excommunicated by Pope Gregory IX for failing to honor his crusading pledge - perhaps unfairly, at this point, as his plans had been delayed by an epidemic. He eventually embarked on the crusade the following year (1228), which was seen on by the pope as a rude provocation, since the church could not take any part in the honor for the crusade, resulting in a second excommunication. Frederick did not attempt to take Jerusalem by force of arms. Instead, he negotiated restitution of Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem to the Kingdom with sultan Al-Kamil, the Ayyubid ruler of the region.


Some forty knights were received into the new Order at its foundation by the King of Jerusalem and Frederick of Swabia, who selected their first Master in the name of the Pope and Emperor. The knights of the new confraternity had to be of German birth (although this rule was occasionally relaxed), a unique requirement among the Crusader Orders founded in the Holy Land. They were drawn predominately from the noble or knightly class, although this latter obligation was not formally incorporated into the rule until much later. Their blue mantle, charged with a black cross, was worn over a white tunic, a uniform recognized by the Patriarch of Jerusalem and confirmed by the Pope in 1211. The waves of German knights and pilgrims who followed the Third Crusade brought considerable wealth to the new German Hospital as well as recruits. This enabled the knights to acquire the Lordship of Joscelin and, soon thereafter they built the castle of Montfort (lost in 1271), the rival of the great hospitaller fortress of Krak des Chevaliers. Never as numerous in the Holy Land as either the Hospitaller or Templar Orders, the Teutonic knights were nonetheless a formidable power.

© Guy Stair Sainty

The origins of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher have been disputed for centuries. In this examination of the history of what is today a major Catholic Order of Knighthood, under the direct protection of the Holy See, it has been my intention to separate fact from fantasy and outline the historical development of this great institution. It now has a world-wide mission to support the Holy Places, particularly in Jerusalem, and has approximately eighteen thousand members across the globe. [1]

Two Christian sources who are certain the goal of the "peace" process is to establish a German/Vatican capital in Jerusalem are David Ben-Ariel, and the Philadelphia Trumpet:

Looking to Jerusalem

We have also said that the next pope would have his sights set on Jerusalem. Ratzinger was known for statements he made concerning a reconciliation of sorts with the Jews. That reconciliation being, “the moment in which Israel too will say yes to Christ.” After all, the “star points to Jerusalem,” Ratzinger said once. Watch for this new pope to have a more fervent interest in Israeli politics and affairs surrounding Jerusalem.

For the rest of the story:

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Germany plans for WWIII

Both The Philadelphia Trumpet magazine and secular sources agree about Germany's plan to win WWIII!

The Secret Nazis

The Uncrowned Kings of Essen

A Warning Unheeded

"In 1996, a shocking World War II intelligence document was made public. The document, detailing an August 1944 meeting between top German industrialists, reveals a secret post-war plan to restore the Nazis to power. Several of Germany’s elite industries were represented, including Messerschmitt and Volkswagenwerks. These companies, the document asserts, were to “prepare themselves to finance the Nazi Party which would be forced to go underground.” When the U.S. declassified this document, it received only sparse news coverage. Yet even more disturbing than the deep stupor of the press is the fact that the U.S. government did not make it public until 1996—over 50 years later!

By 1944, the Germans knew they would lose World War ii and were already planning for the next round! “Existing financial reserves in foreign countries,” the document says, “must be placed at the disposal of the party so that a strong German Empire can be created after the defeat.”

Those at the 1944 meeting understood that the most prominent members of the Nazi Party would be condemned as war criminals. “However,” the document maintains, “in cooperation with the industrialists it is arranging to place its less conspicuous but most important members in positions with various German factories as technical experts or members of its research and designing offices.”

How alarming! Why was so little written about this in 1996? Why did it take so long for it to be declassified? America and Britain have fallen asleep—our people don’t understand what is happening behind the scenes!

That is why we feel compelled to return to these issues again and again. Hardly anyone else will!

Historians have long debated whether or not a secret Nazi plan was made for a post-war, international network. Now that it has been confirmed, as Elan Steinberg of the World Jewish Congress said, “the central question is whether it has been carried out.”

The obvious answer is, it has!

Brian Connell, in his 1957 book A Watcher on the Rhine, offered abundant proof of that plan being carried out. He drew attention to a watershed event in 1947, just two years after the war, when Allied authorities foolishly handed over denazification responsibilities to, of all people, the Germans! After 1947, denazification in Germany, according to Connell, was a farce!"

Nazis Plotted Post-WWII Return
NEW YORK (Reuter) - Realizing they were losing the war in 1944, Nazi leaders ...
them to power,according to a newly declassified US intelligence document. ...

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Death to America?

One of the dire consequences for our national disobedience (Dan. 9:11) is where we have the power but lack the will to use it:

"And I will break the pride of your power..." (Leviticus 26:19).

The following is an excerpt from Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq by Ryan Mauro that seems to underscore this fact.

(Although this appears negative, the author remains positive America can correct the situation)

Unfortunately, the US appears unable or unwilling to do much about the Iranian and Syrian roles in the insurgency. The American public would not tolerate too forceful action, and the Administration obviously has political concerns. If the military got more aggressive, the rogues could increase the chaos inside Iraq. The Iranian and Syrian dissident communities are receiving little or no support, and thus our enemies have the strong hand at the bargaining table.

Rogue states believe that America is a "paper tiger," lacking the will power to succeed. They have good reason to believe this. Throughout recent history, the enemy has been encouraged by actions such as:

A. The 1980s US and French retreat from Lebanon.

B. The success of the Somali operation.

C. The inability of the West to effectively isolate the rogue regimes, or to comprehend the level to which terrorism is state-sponsored.

D. The reluctance to support freedom-fighters in anti-American regimes, instead deciding to cut deals and appease.

E. The little action the world community and UN has taken.

F. How long it took for action to be taken against Saddam Hussein and how much he could get away with. This includes the failure to remove him after the Gulf War or to support the Kurds and Shiites when they rebelled against his rule in 1991.

G. The pathetic action taken in response to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1998 embassy bombings, the USS Cole bombing, and other operations.

H. The inability of the Americans to have a consistent foreign policy especially during election times.

I. The toleration of Palestinian suicide bombings while forcing Israel into concessions.

J. American ultra-sensitivity to monetary costs, casualties, and lengths of conflicts.

Re: BNP's new strategy against Nazi-Muslims

---- Original Message -----
From: Shmuel HaLevi rfi
To: davidbenariel
Sent: 12/12/05 1:49:52 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: FW: Re: No reception for Nazis?

Dear friends,
And I include Robert on that because I relate to him as such.
Jews have never attacked Europe that I recall of.
Nastiness, treachery, mass murder, persecution, destruction, theft against Jews have been THE European trademarks for thousands of years. We did not attack the Parthenon, it was and remains the other way around.
We are pleased to hear and would welcome talks with people moving away from that, but then again, with ten thousand eyes closely scrutinizing every facet of the situation.
The 1956 Suez Canal adventure between the Ben Gurion, Atlee and french idiots ended up as usual with us getting the brunt of it on us. The Ben Gurion "peace" with Germany is arguably one of the most disgusting acts of treason I have ever seen and we would reverse that immediately. Germany must not be allowed to believe we forgot or are not watching it closely.
We will not be negative to them, nor plan to attack them, but neither tip toe through the tulips with them for a long, long time.
The real situation here is that finally the real Israeli excrement is getting nice and piled, using the immortal words of the Math Professor in Jurassic Park, "ONE big pile of sh.t"...
NOTICE the FOLLOWING: The sum total of the pile plus some smaller accumulations of the same, will not represent more than what the scattered piles have now. Sharon managed to be crowned king of the PILE, that is all.
David knows that just outside Tel Aviv is the biggest garbage dump accumulated anywhere ever. It is the size of a hill and seen from miles around. They need only to paint it with RED DIAMONDS... and locate the Sharon party headquarters there to feel at home.

By the way.
Quote me on this...
I am a veteran LIKUD CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBER and we have been praying for years to be able to do what we are doing now systematically.
From every corner ALL or most of the generals and naturally Sharon's criminals as well as peresites are being flushed and chased downstairs like pest infected rats.
No one is leaving... we are ejecting that scum by the shovel full.
I have seen items getting taken by the folder of their pants and dumped out quite firmly.

There are even some moves reported to actually eject Sharon by a majority of 61 MK's even as speak.
I do not part take on that dance but it is funny to see the garbage with him gesticulating...




by Robert Locke

The depth of the crisis facing Israel and other Western nations from Moslem terrorism, and more profoundly from Moslem immigration, is such that some unconventional political allies deserve a glance they would not otherwise merit. The small hard-right nationalist parties of Europe are among them, if only because they are sometimes the only political forces that are serious about this crisis in nations where the mainstream left is deluded and the mainstream right feckless.

The destruction of America by mass immigration is mirrored in most Western nations. The temptations of cheap labor for the business class that dominates rightist parties, and of electoral cannon fodder for the permanent-government class that dominates leftist parties, are the same everywhere. Even Israel has been affected, in the form of a not-so-secret addiction to cheap Arab labor that has created behind-the-scenes pressures to hang onto[1] a dangerous population.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Next Superpower?

A Page on the World: The Next Superpower?
By Ambassador Rockwell A. Schnabel,
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2005, ISBN 0742545474.
by Reviewed by Darris McNeely

Last May the French voted "no" to the European Constitution. Ever since, many have speculated that the European project is stalled or halted. Nothing could be further from the truth. The European Community is still a potent force in world affairs and growing larger. Anyone who thinks Europe will not be a player, if not the player, on the future geopolitical scene does not understand our current world.

The Next Superpower? shows how the structure of the European colossus is building, one layer at a time.

Rockwell Schnabel wrote this book after serving as U.S. ambassador to the European Union from 2001 to 2005. He is a businessman from California, born in the Netherlands but raised in America.

Most Americans do not appreciate the significance of what has developed in Europe during the past 50 years. Many see the union as nothing more than a trading bloc, if it even shows up on their radar screens. Even the experts, such as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, as recently as 1999 dismissed the euro (the EU common currency) as a "failure." Yet Europe has become an economic power in today's world and is well on the path to becoming a global power of the first magnitude.

Not everyone has so lightly dismissed the European Union. Some recognize the threat the EU poses to American economic and geopolitical dominance.

In September 2003 an article appeared in the American magazine The Weekly Standard titled, "Against United Europe." The article was written by a British journalist and advocated an anti-EU strategy by developing ties with Eastern member states and advising Britain not to adopt the euro. It concluded: "It is not too late for the United States to help stop the European superstate from becoming a reality."

Mr. Schnabel argues that the European Union is a reality—that there is no turning back despite the problems of the constitution and the current talks over the admission of Turkey.

He does, however, look at the EU as a guarantee of stability among its members and a force for democracy and Western values in neighboring countries. America, in his view, needs to learn how to work with this rising power to insure a continued voice in world affairs. Bible prophecy shows America will be eclipsed on the world stage by a power centered in Europe.

The core of the book is chapters 2 and 3, "The European Union as an Economic Superpower" and "The European Union as a Geopolitical Superpower." Chapter 2 begins with a definition of "superpower" from the Oxford English Dictionary: "[a state] which has the power to act decisively in pursuit of interests which embrace the whole world."

Through a complex bureaucracy that includes myriad rules, laws, statutes and standards, the EU has managed to thwart such powerful businesses as Microsoft and General Electric from business deals in Europe. Farmers in Indiana plant only acceptable crops so as not to lose access to the lucrative European market. Even McDonalds was forced to alter chemicals used in toys in Happy Meals because they did not meet EU standards.

Simply put, the EU has in place a regulatory regime that it seeks to impose on the rest of the world. This could have large consequences for the innovation and growth of U.S. businesses, since the EU promotes its way of regulation to the rest of the world.

This obsession with regulation has led one EU trade negotiator to say the world suffers from "a deficit of global rules." This logic leads to the conclusion that pollution, poverty and disease do not respect national borders in a global economy. So, the solution is "global governance."

"The main role of the European Union in international affairs, both political and economical, must be to give teeth and to give bite to the multilateralism," says Pascal Lamy, director-general of the World Trade Organization. Mr. Lamy quotes EU father Jean Monnet that the EU is "nothing but a step towards the organization of tomorrow's world."

Such statements bring to mind the description in Revelation 18 of a world economic system that dominates the end-time events.

The book describes the difference between "hard" and "soft" power. Hard power is military and economic might, both of which America possesses in abundance. The EU does not have the same degree of military status as America today. Soft power is a co-optive power, the ability to manipulate another nation through the attractiveness of one's culture or values. It is this soft power, the ability to coerce favorable actions from other nations without intervention, where the EU is gaining ground.

Chapter 3 describes how the EU is developing the geopolitical power to enforce its economic status. A 2004 CIA think tank report stated: "The EU, rather than NATO, will increasingly become the primary institution for Europe, and the role which Europeans shape for themselves on the world stage is most likely to be projected through it."

Europe knows the major problems of today's world (weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) will demand their direct action. Their goal is to guarantee their own security entirely without U.S. assistance. That day has not yet arrived, but they have plans to develop their own military defense.

Economic, demographic and political forces are rising that will force the EU to act on its own behalf apart from the confines of the old Atlantic alliance. Large events propel large responses. And history shows the result is not always what the architects planned. Europe is rising from among the nations as a superpower, and in time it will be part of the largest world power bloc ever known.

Bible prophecy shows us the outline of what is to come. This book shows some of the details and helps us see how it is developing.

Herbert W. Armstrong was ahead of his time!

Herbert W. Armstrong was ahead of his time!

Was Herbert W. Armstrong right or wrong? What about all his predictions? Did he teach the plain truth of the Bible?

Friday, December 09, 2005

The REAL JESUS CHRIST can't return until...

Prophecy clearly reveals that the REAL JESUS CHRIST will not return to Earth from Heaven (in full view of all mankind) until after Jerusalem has suffered under a Gentile EU occupation for 3 1/2 years, complete with Europe's wannabe divine emperor polluting the holy Temple just like Antiochus Epiphanes.

The two witnesses, representing Judah and Levi (priest and king - God's system of government as opposed to Rome's demonic system of Babylon), will testify against the counterfeit kingdom of God, and will testify against the wannabe God who pollutes the Temple with his unclean presence and fights against the biblical people who love and obey God and reject the idolatrous traditions of men.

These same two witnesses will herald the coming of our King from Heaven to restore God's government on Earth and establish the literal divine Kingdom-Family of God on Earth, liberating Jerusalem and regathering the British-Israelite and Jewish holocaust survivors and destroying the Beast and False Prophet once and for all.

Come Lord Yashua!

The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last!

The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last!

by Herbert W. Armstrong

The Prophecies of the Book of REVELATION are revealed at last!

The closed, sealed prophecies are opened.

Here is a startling, eye-opening booklet vividly picturing the catastrophic events soon to bring the END OF THIS AGE!

GOD'S TIME has come! At last, the most mysterious, intriguing, never-before-understood Book of Revelation stands UNVEILED!

In this heretofore closed, sealed Book, the Eternal God now reveals, not only the wonderful world of PEACE--of PLENTY--Of HAPPINESS and JOY soon to shine forth on this very present generation, but also the terrifying world-catastrophes this present world is first bringing on itself!

Science, technology and industry are producing more and more frightful weapons of mass destruction. Already they have produced the means to erase human life from the earth!

Meanwhile, immorality, crime, violence, poverty, sickness and disease, famine and starvation stalk the earth, in fast-increasing acceleration.

However, there exists a living God of love, mercy, compassion, wisdom, justice, of transcendent PURPOSE and of SUPREME POWER, very soon now to intervene, and BY FORCE to save humanity from itself. If He did not exist--then indeed the imminent end of the world would become also THE END OF HUMAN LIFE!

But the living God, happily, is VERY MUCH ALIVE!--alive to world trends--alive to the self-inflicted plight fast closing in on a humanity now caught hopelessly in the trap of its own rebellion-- utterly helpless to extricate itself from its fast-approaching fate!

What's Coming First?

But this happy WORLD TOMORROW, under the government of Almighty God, will not come until man has actually reached the end of his rope! Not until man has proved beyond his last shadow of doubt that he is utterly incapable of ruling himself--not until he has been given his last chance!

The time has come when this world must be warned!

The present strife between major nuclear powers--the constantly accelerating international tensions--the internal upward spiral within nations of crime, race riots, violence of every sort--are combining to plunge the world into a holocaust of destruction and death such as never happened before--and never shall again!

The God of Creation knows human nature and its inevitable END. Every gigantic step in world events from here is pictured in God's prophecies!

God's time has come to OPEN WIDE to human understanding the awesome prophecies of the Book OF REVELATION. Today this solemn warning is being thundered around the world, as a witness! Take warning yourself, while you may, and mark well this fact:

No PLAGUE NEED COME NEAR YOU! You may, if you heed and obey God, be accounted worthy to escape these things that shall certainly come to pass!

These Not Normal Times

It's time to wake up! These are not normal times! After nearly 6,000 years of comparative quiet, the whole world suddenly erupted in world-shaking VIOLENCE beginning in 1914. But we have seen NOTHING, yet, compared to what is soon coming!


EU keeps folks in the dark

One in five complaints to EU ombudsman concerns secrecy - 08.12.2005 - 17:17
The highest proportion of inquiries carried out by the European Ombudsman
concern a "lack of transparency" in the EU institutions, it has emerged as
the institution celebrated it's ten years in operation.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Radio Free Israel comments about GERMANY

I forwarded this to the Toledo City Paper:

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From: Shmuel HaLevi rfi
To: davidbenariel
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Subject: Re: Toledo City Paper mentions Beyond Babylon

You may as well inform them that Germany is producing fast attack submarines at the fastest rate in the world.
For appearances sake they gave quite a few to Israel.
And as they absorb that bit, tell them that there are or should be bomb shelters at most Post Offices and Public Libraries, etc.
They MUST READ that book and fast.


Toledo City Paper mentions Beyond Babylon

"Beyond Babylon: Europe’s Rise and Fall"
Author: David Ben-Ariel
David Ben-Ariel was born in Bowling Green and currently lives in Toledo. His focus is not local however, as he tends to divert his energies to writing about World War III and the coming nuclear holocaust. Ben-Ariel subscribes to the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong the founder of the Worldwide Church of God and as a result Ben Ariel uses his writings to warn of our impending doom.
Quick summary: "The American, British and Jewish peoples are going down ... and the German-dominated Europe is on the rise and will defeat us in WWIII and show us no mercy." Ben-Ariel says everyone interested in avoiding this fate should read the book. At the City Paper, we plan on reading it as soon as we finish constructing our bomb shelter.
Buy "Beyond Babylon" online at for $16.95.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The deadly United States of Europe

Belgian leader proposes 'United States of Europe'
01.12.2005 - 17:39 CET | By Mark Beunderman

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - In a bid to go against the eurosceptic tide that is dominating EU public opinion, Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt has pleaded for the creation of a federal "United States of Europe."

Mr Verhofstadt, a liberal, on Thursday (1 December) presented his new book, provocatively entitled "The United States of Europe."

The work is meant as a "political statement against the current trend", the Belgian leader indicated..../

For years, Herbert W. Armstrong warned the world that a German-led United States of Europe would start and win WWIII. It appears that dreadful time is upon us.

The American, British and Jewish peoples can expect national defeat, destruction and deportation for our idolatry and immorality. If we don't want to be set free by the plain truth, we can go into national captivity!

Prime Minister Verhofstadt, as well as every political and religious leader of Europe, the United States and the British Commonwealth, Israel too, would do well to read and heed the warning about events soon to sweep Europe away presented within "Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall."