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Fear and Loathing in PA over Temple Mount Link to Jews

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (

An Arab university lecturer and writer is hiding underground out of fear for his life after shocking the Palestinian Authority with a book that links Jews with the Temple Mount. The Arab world has been conducting a campaign, including removal of tons of dirt containing archaeological evidence, to try to eliminate historical Jewish links with the Temple Mount.

Dr. Sari Nusseibeh, of Birzeit University in Ramallah, threw acid on the propaganda campaign that tries to convince Arabs that the First and Second Temples never existed. He wrote in a book, “The legendary Temple of Jerusalem may be the place of the Presence of the Almighty and where the High Priests served Him.”

PA officials are furious with Nusseibeh, a scion of a distinguished Arab family, who now is in hiding and cannot be contacted even by mobile phone.

However, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Middle East expert at Bar-Ilan University, told Arutz 7 that Nusseibeh actually is “small potatoes” compared to a Muslim grand mufti, in the days of the British Mandate, who wrote in 1929 that the Holy Temples on the Temple Mount were Jewish,

According to Dr. Kedar, Nusseibeh already had made enemies in the PA after declaring he is not interested in returning to his former home of Ramle, located near Ben Gurion Airport. He also was threatened with death several years ago after urging Arabs to stop suicide bombings and to abandon their claim to a "right of return" to Israel.

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Dr. Sari Nusseibeh is a glimmer of hope, of rare honesty, in the Arab world about the Temple Mount.

I'm sure there is "fear and loathing" among self-hating, liberal Jews too. They hate any light that disturb their darkness, which is why I was unjustly deported from Israel for highlighting the plight of the Temple Mount suffering under Nazi-Muslim occupation!

Highlighting the Plight of the Temple Mount under Nazi-Muslim Occupation

Israel aids and abets Muslim terrorism against Jews and Christians

On many political and religious forums I post and participate on (just google David Ben-Ariel and see for yourself!), there are a rotten few, stooges, who foolishly aid and abet the Nazi-Muslim occupation of Judaism's holiest site, the Temple Mount, and the Bolsheviks who enable them to flout Israeli law against religious discrimination daily as they trample the rights of Christians and Jews in Jerusalem. They are disinformation queens that I dethrone. This is typical of their hateful modus operandi:

And you're still a terrorist, an international criminal

Exhibit A of the old "shoot the messenger" syndrome! A terrorist? What a drama queen! The plain truth continues to terrorize those living a lie, who always make wild accusations, hysterical charges, never offering any documentation to back up what they say (because they don't have any whatsoever), shamefully engaging in disinformation, but always presenting me with an opportunity to shed light on the subject, exposing their darkness and desperation:

and banned for life from ever entering Israel again as long as you live

O ye of little faith! What proof do you have for such hysterical charges? For such wild accusations? NONE! We see right through you and your world of darkness. Won't you let the truth set you free? My unjust deportation from Israel was due to highlighting the plight of the Temple Mount suffering under Nazi Muslim occupation in an article published in Jerusalem (and now read around the world), even though the Israeli authorities lied and said it was about an "expired visa." Regardless, the Israeli authorities informed Senator Mike DeWine (R - Ohio) that I would be "eligible" to return in 2005 on a tourist visa. So much for your hateful nonsense!

Israel sets date for 2005

Due to personal business, family, friends and extensive travels in the United States of America the Beautiful, I haven't returned to Israel yet to visit the 8 kibbutzim I've served on as a volunteer (due to my God-given love of the Jews), to visit the grave of my holocaust-survivor/kibbutz mother Miriam Weiss, to see the Holy Land of Israel God knows I love so much, and especially the most holy site on Earth: the Temple Mount. In God's good time I shall return, as we're assured by the words of the Prophet: Zion shall be redeemed with justice.

Thank you for being a useful idiot and providing me this opportunity to again set the record straight. I know you've proven you don't care to be "confused" with the facts, but honest and objective folks will see what you refuse to see, blinded by your murderous and unwarranted hatred of those who love God, the Bible and Israel. Shame on you!

Still At Large!

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem

Blow up the mosques or an expired visa?

Appeals briefs set in Obama eligibility challenge

A briefing schedule has been announced by the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a case alleging Congress failed in its constitutional duties by refusing to investigate the eligibility of Barack Obama to be president, according to an attorney handling the challenge.
Find out the latest right now at

Still At Large!

The Jerusalem Post, Jan. 8, 1996, had a front page story about how the GSS sought my deportation for alleged involvement in a "plot to blow up the Al-Aksa mosque."

And now for the rest of the story:

IF the Israeli authorities truly suspected me of being involved in such a dangerous activity, they would have NEVER RELEASED ME with only my passport in their hands. As for those others allegedly involved in some plot, that were "still at large" - THEY'RE STILL AT LARGE to this day, twelve years later, because they don't exist! And, just like twelve years ago I protested my innocence, I continue to this day doing the same, consistent, honest and true, as God knows, and as they very well know.

They had a computer disk with Beyond Babylon on it back then, and now Beyond Babylon is professionally published, and it says now, as then, that it is the GOVERNMENT of Israel's responsibility to remove the mosques and prepare for the Temple. Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful, has been stating that fact publicly since he helped to liberate the Temple Mount in 1967 during the Six Day War. What we say is LEGAL and BIBLICAL, although some would trample our rights to express ourselves and practice our religion, in a vain attempt to appease the Nazi-Muslim beasts. Thankfully, the Temple will soon be REALITY upon the TEMPLE Mount and the mosques will be history!

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem

Dangerous Ideas?

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

Blow up the Mosques or an Expired Visa?

From Toledo to Jerusalem

Why Edward Abington, Jr. Must Be Investigated!

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The New South Africa

America has lost it

Are Americans Really This Stupid?

The powers that be want a dumbed down America so they won't know or care to ask legitimate, thought-provoking questions like: how can Obama be a natural born citizen when he admits his Kenyan father isn't an American and only those born to two American citizens are natural born citizens - a Constitutional requirement to be POTUS? A law review editor who has never published any articles in any law reviews? Obama sat for over 20 years in racist Jeremiah Wright's haven of hatred and never heard anything anti-American or anti-Semitic? Obama's health records are sealed from childhood to today? Why does Obama hide his Harvard Law School records? Wouldn't you be proud of them? Why does Obama hide his kindergarten records? Why does Obama fail to come clean with the American people and refuses to start being transparent?

Objective observers in other nations would, at best, wonder if Americans are really this stupid since Obama has kept us in the dark and too many folks fail to question why, fearful of being disturbed by the facts or simply contemptuous of truth. A mind is a terrible thing to waste - but a nation is a frightening thing to lose. It appears America has lost it.

President Usurper Obama

Emperor Obama

Shame on conservative cowards!

Obama's failure

Savior or Saboteur? Obama in a Realistic Light

Treacherous Obama and DNC comrades

President Barack Obama sound good to you?

BLACK DAY IN AMERICA: Obama Wins, America Loses

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Herbert Armstrong Got the Word Out About British-Israel!

Herbert W. Armstrong, author of The United States and Britain in Prophecy, did not claim the British-Israel truth was some special "divine revelation" to him, but Mr. Armstrong acknowledged how he was surprised at the amount of information on this subject in his local library in Oregon and how he GLEANED from it and presented it to us on a silver platter. Some of us appreciate that fact and focus on the message - not on the messengers.

Some pitiful, petty, nit-picking, easily distracted souls either accuse Herbert W. Armstrong of plagiarism, or of not giving credit to men like J. H. Allen or G. G. Rupert.

I've posted information on Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright by John Harden Allen on my many blogs. We wouldn't even know about Mr. J. H. Allen if it weren't for Herbert Armstrong, would we? You would think he could have at least acknowledged a few of the British-Israel giants, but he didn't and life goes on and the truth gets out. Blessed be the God of Israel for restoring our identity to us!

I remember borrowing Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright from Carl Fields, a local elder in the Worldwide Church of God congregation in Toledo, Ohio, at one of our regular Bible studies held in the science auditorium of a high school. He didn't hand it to me in a brown paper bag, meet me privately in the parking lot, but handed it to me in public. We knew about Mr. Allen - who didn't? And those who did read his book were even more grateful afterwards for how Mr. Armstrong waded through many such works and presented it in a more clear and concise manner, blessed by his background in journalism. Even A.N. Dugger, the prominent Church of God, Seventh Day, editor of The Bible Advocate whom Mr. Armstrong knew and corresponded with acknowledged: "I have seen no work near its equal in clearness and completeness. You surely are right, and while I cannot use it in the paper at the present you may be assured that your labor has surely not been in vane [sic.]."

Mr. Armstrong was the one God used - not Allen or Rupert - to restore the identity doctrine to God's Church in a way that no others had. I trust Allen and Rupert (and many others they learned from) would praise God that Mr. Armstrong was able to get the word out! Folks who rightly focus on the message, who recognize the plain truth about British-Israel belongs to God and not to any man or organization, are grateful to God for using Mr. Armstrong mightily to share this truth with MILLIONS worldwide!

A History and Comparison of the Various Editions of The United States and Britain in Prophecy
By Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986)

The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy (United Church of God)

The United States and Britain in Prophecy (Philadelphia Church of God)

The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy (Living Church of God)

United States in Prophecy! (David Ben-Ariel)

What's Germany Up to Now?

What’s Germany Up to Now?
By Ron Fraser

Just where does Europe’s most powerful nation figure in the fallout following the appointment of the EU’s new president and foreign minister?

Those who watch what happens on the surface in Europe were left scratching their heads over the appointment of two unknowns to the two top positions created by the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution. Dig below the surface, however, and the plot becomes clearer.

To really appreciate what is happening in Europe today, and in Germany in particular, one needs a historical perspective. But that perspective need not be long. Just a little over 100 years is sufficient. True, the political vision of Germany’s elites tracks back to Charlemagne in terms of its post-Roman Empire phase. Yet its true metamorphosis in a modern setting commences with the unification of Germany under Count Otto von Bismark.

Bismark was expert in creating alliances to favor German expansion by treaty. The strength of those alliances, as the French found out in 1871, was twofold. There was the power of the German military machine, especially its High Command. Then there was the influence of the elite bankers and industrialists who funded the war effort.

In terms of the process that seeks the extension of German power, nothing has really changed over the past 120 years. The European Union has been built via a series of treaties in which German politicians, its elite banker and industrialist cadre and its military officer cabal have, often behind the scenes, continued to wield primary influence.

Two entities have vied for power using the repetitively resurrecting Holy Roman Empire—the papacy and the German state.

From the time that Charlemagne consolidated the foundations laid by his predecessor Justinian for the seven consecutive resurrections of the Holy Roman Empire , there has been tension between church and state. Following the 19th-century crisis between Rome and Prussia—the Kulturkampf—during the time of Bismarck, that tension was largely resolved through the papal leadership of Leo XIII.

Leo’s attention then turned to resolving another conflict, which had arisen with the Industrial Revolution: the division between capital and labor. He released his famous encyclical “Rerum Novarum” (“On the Condition of Labor”) in 1891. It endorsed an essentially socialist approach to economic control.

From that time, we can trace the rising influence of Roman Catholicism within politics, industry, banking, commerce and the military in Germany. Its latter-day consequence has been an increasing penetration of the upper echelons of the movement toward European union. This has especially been the case since Germany’s defeat in World War ii.

After Kaiser Wilhelm’s unsuccessful attempt at global hegemony in World War i, Pope Pius XI issued his encyclical of May 15, 1931, titled “Quadragesimo Anno” (“On the Reconstruction of the Social Order”). That encyclical introduced the concept of subsidiarity that has since become a catch cry of the European Union.

In 1961, building on the themes established by Leo XIII and Pius XI, Pope John XXIII followed up with the introduction of the concept of globalism, calling for all peoples to live as one community working for the common good, in his encyclical titled “Mater et Magistra” (“Christianity and Social Progress”), issued May 15, 1961. This publicized the concept of a global “common market,” working for the good of the “global community”—themes deeply embedded in the general philosophy that undergirds the EU.

The theme of solidarity then threaded its way into Catholic social doctrine with the release of the encyclical “Populorum Progressio” (“The Development of Peoples”) by Pope Paul VI, March 26, 1967. Twenty years later, “Solidarity” became the motto of the Vatican-sponsored Polish workers’ movement, which underpinned the effort to break the Communist yoke on Eastern Europe, thus enabling the EU to build its long-awaited eastern leg (Daniel 2:33).

On the eve of that momentous change in the map of Europe, Pope John Paul II marked the 20th anniversary of “Populorum Progressio” with the release of his own encyclical on social doctrine, “Sollicitudo Rei Socialis” (“On the Social Concerns of the Church”), Dec. 30, 1987. That encyclical, produced less than two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, was a reflection on the great social changes that had affected the world over the previous 20 years, destined to consummate in the collapse of Communist rule in Eastern Europe.

On July 7, 2009, Pope Benedict XVI issued the sixth papal dictum on Catholic social doctrine with his encyclical titled “Caritas in Veritate” (“In Charity and Truth”). In that encyclical, Benedict expresses the conviction that Pope Paul VI’s “Populorum Progressio” “deserves to be considered ‘the “Rerum Novarum” of the present age,’ shedding light upon ‘humanity’s journey towards unity.’”

It is a peculiarity of papal encyclicals on social doctrine that—from the founding document defining Catholic social doctrine, Leo’s “Rerum Novarum,” to Benedict’s “Caritas in Veritate”—all support the intervention of the state in economic planning and control, rather than the free enterprise system. This, of course, has ancient origins tracking back to the interventionism of the Holy Roman Empire, and even more anciently to old Babylon.

Knowing the history of Rome’s approach to economic theory and, more importantly, the Bible prophecies that bespeak its effect on our immediate future, it ought to come as no surprise that Pope Benedict has endorsed such a central role for the state in economic affairs. In fact, reading both the lines and in between the lines of his latest encyclical, this pope is calling for a world order regulated and controlled by a central power that would govern the world economy. Central to such a move is the role of the central bankers.

Given this history, consider current events.

Some ask, why have Germany and France forced the appointment of two apparent unknowns to the two most senior positions in the European Union hierarchy as created by the Lisbon Treaty/European constitution?

The reason links back to the unfolding process of German hegemony, initiated in its latest postwar effort, under the auspices of the European Union (which itself is an innately German concept).

The global economic crisis—which is growing steadily worse each month—has presented to German elites the very crisis that creates the opportunity to seize control of the global financial system. To obtain that level of control, Germany simply needs direct control of the globe’s central bankers.

Having forced the joint Franco-German decision regarding Herman Van Rompuy’s appointment as EU president (and chief tax gatherer) onto the 27-nation EU combine, Germany lay largely silent on the appointment of the other top post created by the Lisbon Treaty/EU constitution, that of foreign minister.

Why? In light of the control that Germany exerts over EU foreign policy, that position is a lame-duck post at present. The newly appointed EU foreign minister, left-wing socialist Englishwoman Catherine Ashton, stands to be isolated, not only being bypassed by Washington and Moscow, but hung out to dry by a future British government, assuming that the Conservatives gain power in the UK at next year’s election.

Until the German-Russian axis is fully cemented, supplanting the transatlantic alliance, Germany needs the continuing cooperation of Washington. Berlin and Washington remain at the head of current EU foreign-policy decisions. While that situation continues in the short term, the phone link between Berlin and Washington remains of paramount importance.

“Generally diplomatic relations between Washington and Berlin have been running on a stable trajectory in recent years that doesn’t leave much room to maneuver for newcomers looking to make a unique impact” (Deutsche Welle, November 18). That goes for both Germany’s new foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, and for his EU compatriot, Catherine Ashton.

Klaus Larres, a visiting senior research fellow with the U.S. Library of Congress, told Deutsche Welle, “Henry Kissinger asked years ago, ‘Who am I going to call if I want to call Europe,’ and that is still a question people ask themselves in Washington. … [S]o far it is largely [Germany’s Chancellor] Merkel the Americans would ring if they need to overcome a crisis or if they need someone who can mediate successfully as far as transatlantic relations are concerned” (ibid.).

But there is also another key reason why Germany was happy to retire from the ring after forcing its will on the EU presidency appointment.

“Conspicuously absent in the debate over two big-hitting EU posts up for grabs on Thursday, heavyweight Germany has aroused suspicions that it wants another job—president of the European Central Bank. … [O]bservers believe Germany could be saving itself to push for the top job at the ecb—arguably the most influential EU post, as the president governs monetary policy for all the countries that share the euro” (, November 20; emphasis mine).

The ECB is central banker to the world’s largest trading bloc. It sets interest rates for—and hence largely controls the economies of—16 EU member nations representing a collective population of over 300 million using the euro as their means of exchange.

But the power of the ECB president extends far beyond the EU. Of the richest and most influential nations—the G-20 which coordinate the global economy—the majority are EU member nations. With the G-20 member nations having a single vote each on matters of global economic and financial policy which the G-20 oversees, the majority vote will always rest with the EU. That’s how the world signed up to the future regulation of the global economy by the EU Financial Stability Board (FSB). It was won by the EU majority vote, hands down.

Within the G-20, it’s the powerful central bankers who call the tune. They control the purse strings of the world. Hence Germany’s desire to seize the top job of the most powerful and influential of all central banks, the European Central Bank. “The ecb president is and will remain one of the most powerful European voices in global policymaking,” said Marco Annunziata, chief economist at Italian bank UniCredit.

But Berlin will not be alone in competing for the ecb president’s job. The other strong contender is—guess who? Rome!

The tussle for the top central banking job may come down to two prime contenders. Germany’s candidate is Bundesbank head Axel Weber. Italy’s is none other than the governor of the Bank of Italy and head of the FSB, Mario Dragi.

Whether Berlin or Rome is successful in seizing what has become the most prominent central banking post on the planet doesn’t matter in the whole equation of unfolding events involving centralized control over the global economy. Either way, one powerful entity wins: the rapidly emerging seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation! •

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Obama demands ethnic cleaning of Jews

No Jews Allowed

Obama's plan for Peace on the West Bank is not new.

The Nazis invented two words for it.

"Judenfrei" refers to "freeing" an area of all of its Jewish citizens. "Judenrein" (literally "clean of Jews") was also used. This had the stronger connotation that the area had been cleansed of Jewish blood. -more

-Dry Bones- Israel's Political Comic Strip Since 1973

President usurper Obama/Soetoro/Obama, regardless of his proud and stubborn refusal to be transparent (as promised - no change there), paying expensive lawyers hush money to keep his revealing documents in the dark, is not a natural born citizen of two American parents and is therefore not eligible to be POTUS according to the Constitution. It's past time the fraud and foreigner is brought to justice! Emperor Obama has got to go! He is a clear and present danger to the United States and Israel.

Berlin's Poison-Pen Letter (German diplomatic arm-twisting of Hungary)

Newsletter 2009/11/25 - Berlin's Poison-Pen Letter

BUDAPEST/BERLIN (Own report) - The Hungarian media reacted with estrangement to Germany and eight other western nations' diplomatic arm-twisting of Hungary. Through their embassies, the nine countries admonished Budapest with a public protest note, following Hungarian measures against West European and US companies operating in Hungary. A water company lost its lucrative franchise in a southern Hungarian city, because of overpricing and suspicion of irregularities while the German chaired European Bank for Reconstruction and Development along with a US company had to give up the radio frequencies of their stations to their rivals. The protest note was considered a very "unusual step and a venturous interference," an affront, to which the prime minister gave an immediate public response. He said he would take into consideration the objections of the West Europeans and Americans. This procedure shows clearly, to what extent Hungary has become economically dependent, above all, on Berlin. The mere threat of a withdrawal of investments is enough to force Budapest to enact new legislation.


Open Europe press summary: 27 November 2009



EU officials set for inflation busting pay rise

The Telegraph reports that civil servants in the European Commission are to receive a 3.7 percent pay rise despite negative or near to zero rates of inflation across Europe, soaring unemployment, falling wages and austerity measures in most national public sectors. The article notes that most British public sector workers, including front line doctors and nurses, are facing pay freezes as the government reins in public spending that has been bloated by bank bailouts.


Baroness Ashton, the newly appointed EU Foreign Minister who is also a European Commission Vice-President, will pocket an extra £9,000 on top of her basic annual salary of £241,000. Lady Ashton will now earn over £52,000 more than Gordon Brown.


Open Europe's Mats Persson is quoted saying that already well-paid officials need to wake up to "what's happening outside the Brussels bubble. This is a PR disaster for the Commission. No wonder people find it hard to identify with the EU institutions." He is also quoted on EUobserver.


The story is also on the front page of the Express, and in the Sun. The Express notes that a Commission bureaucrat at director level will get an extra £6,500 on top of a salary of £182,000, and that the pay deal will add around £40 million a year to a total European Commission annual wage bill of more than £1 billion. Open Europe's Lorraine Mullally is quoted saying, "How completely crazy that right in the middle of a recession taxpayers are being asked to cough up even more money for Brussels' bureaucrats to have a pay rise. Meanwhile, in the UK, public sector pay is being frozen for many people doing important jobs, such as NHS managers and GPs, because of lack of funds. It's a disgrace."


De Telegraaf quotes Dutch Europe Minister Frans Timmermans saying, "in times of economic downturn it would be a wrong signal that EU bureaucrats, who already make a lot of money, would get even more." 15 member states are opposing the pay increase, according to Die Presse.


EUbusiness notes that the Commission's Spokeswoman for Administrative Affairs, Valerie Rampi said that "rises and falls" in pay are equally likely, under a pay formula that measures the cost of living in eight EU countries - Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain. However, she was unable to give past examples when pay settlements had ever gone down. EUobserver notes that the Commission's pay formula is based on data collected by the EU's statistics office, Eurostat. But officials in Eurostat are also set to benefit from the requested pay rise, raising questions over a conflict of interest.

Telegraph Express EUobserver EUbusiness Telegraaf Die Presse Le Monde El Mundo


Latest reports suggest EU financial services portfolio will go to Spain or Finland

Following reports yesterday that Britain's campaign to prevent France taking command of the European Commission portfolio responsible for banks and financial services appears to be heading for success, the Times reports that Commission sources have said that the financial services brief is likely to be removed from internal market and added to either competition or economic affairs. The competition portfolio is set to be handed to the Spaniard Joaquín Almunia, while the economic affairs job is likely to go to Olli Rehn of Finland. Euractiv quotes an EU diplomat saying, "Both men are two of Commission President Barroso's top lieutenants and they are seen as safe pairs of hands. In making these appointments, Barroso keeps tight control on two top jobs and keeps Paris, Berlin and London's hands off them."


An article in Spanish daily La Razon questions whether France would be willing to accept a "stripped-down" internal market portfolio.


The final line up is still under speculation but, according to the Times, Karel De Gucht, the former Belgian Foreign Minister, is being tipped as the next Trade Commissioner, to start work on 1 December because Lady Ashton will take up her job as EU Foreign Minister on that day. Günther Oettinger, of Germany, is expected to clinch a "beefed-up" energy portfolio, while Connie Hedegaard, the Danish Climate and Energy Minister, is tipped to take on the EU's new climate brief. The newly created justice and human rights portfolio is expected to go to Viviane Reding, of Luxembourg.


The FT notes that Mr Barroso could announce the make up of the new Commission as soon as today.

Times FT EUobserver Euractiv Euractiv 2 La Razón La Razon 2 OE blog


Pay curbs are watered down in draft AIFM Directive

The Swedish Presidency of the EU has published a second draft of the EU's AIFM Directive, in which it has watered down controversial rules which would have seen curbs on hedge fund managers' pay, similar to those now being introduced for bankers. Instead of a requirement to defer "40pc or 60pc" of any bonus for three years, as the Swedes' original draft envisioned, there is now a requirement to defer bonuses "over a period which is appropriate in view of the life cycle and redemption policy" of the fund, the Telegraph reports.

Telegraph Telegrah: Hannan's blog Euractiv Open Europe research


Economist: With the appointments of Ashton and Van Rompuy, "Europe's leaders have made their union look ridiculous"

EUobserver reports that whilst the responsibilities of the EU's new positions are still largely €, the draft rules indicate that new EU President Herman Van Rompuy will have wide-ranging powers including "the power to call special summits of EU leaders, draw up the agenda of the meetings, decide on whether to hold a vote, and whether EU summits should be attended by countries beyond the EU or other personalities." A leader in the Economist argues that "By choosing two virtual unknowns, with paltry political experience, as the first permanent president of the European Council and as the new EU foreign-policy supremo, Europe's leaders have made their union look ridiculous."

EUobserver Economist: Leader Economist 2 Economist 3


The BBC reports that UKIP is expected to announce its new leader this afternoon.



European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet, Chairman of the group of euro-zone finance ministers, Jean-Claude Juncker, and European Economic Commissioner Joaquín Almunia will press China this weekend to allow its currency to rise against the euro, amid fears that the euro's strength could undermine Europe's recovery from the recession.

WSJ IHT: Thuman


The WSJ reports that the US has "toned down its once-strident criticism" of two controversial Russian-backed pipelines, Nord Stream and Nabucco, which will deliver gas to Europe whilst bypassing Eastern Europe.



The Mail reports that a French film about an illegal migrant who tries to swim to Britain has won a top EU award for its celebration of European integration. The film, called Welcome, received the prestigious Lux Film Award, an annual prize given by the European Parliament for the film which best illustrates "the European integration process, topical European issues or cultural diversity in the Union."



European Voice reports that Germany and Austria's opposition to a deal with the US on access to European bank records could lead to the involvement of MEPs in the decision, as they will soon be granted powers in this area by the Lisbon Treaty.
European Voice


Guy Verhofstadt MEP, leader of the liberal group in the European Parliament, has proposed that Eastern European countries which are still outside the eurozone should immediately adopt the EU's single currency as legal tender as protection against the crisis, reports Euractiv.





Open Europe is an independent think tank campaigning for radical reform of the EU. For information on our research, events and other activities, please visit our website: or call us on 0207 197 2333.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Open Europe press summary: 26 November 2009



Former advisor to Hungarian socialists tipped for EU financial services post

The Telegraph reports that EU Commission President Jose Barroso, who is currently putting the finishing touches on a complete line up for the Commission posts, is under intense pressure from governments, particularly France. Paris is claiming that Barroso promised the key job of internal market Commissioner, with responsibility for financial services, to Michel Barnier. However, the article notes that "Sources in Brussels and Paris now indicate that French pressure has not succeeded and Mr Barroso has threatened to take responsibility for financial services out of the internal market post to avoid a clash with Britain." According to the paper, Paris is now concentrating on securing the post of competition commissioner, another job where France, which has a poor track record on abiding by rules against state subsidies, faces resistance. An unnamed source is quoted saying, "The French were telling everyone they had a deal on internal market and financial services. Now they are saying they want competition. There was no cast-iron promise. Whatever happens France is unlikely to get financial services."


On his Coulisses de Bruxelles blog, Jean Quatremer says he has a copy of the plan for the portfolios being shared out, which says that responsibility for financial services will go to Hungary's Laszlo Andor, who is described as being "close to the Socialists." According to the FT he is a former economic adviser to the Socialist party and to the socialist-liberal government. Quatremer says the appointment of the Hungarian to this post would be "a real slap in the face for France". However, he notes that a small consolation for France will be the appointment of Romania's Dacian Ciolos to the agriculture portfolio.


According to the list, Germany's Gunther Oettinger is being lined up for energy, losing the industry portfolio to Poland's Janusz Lewandowski. Of the existing Commissioners, Dutch Commissioner Neelie Kroes will move to trade, Spain's Joaquin Almunia will go to competition, Finland's Olli Rehn will take economic and monetary affairs, Latvia's Andris Piebalgs will go to social affairs, and Luxembourg's Viviane Reding will stay at digital economy (which will include culture), and Italy's Antonio Tajani will stay at transport. Estonia's Siim Kallas will keep the administration portfolio and the Belgium's Karel De Gucht will stay in development. The new climate and environment porfolio will go to Denmark, and Sweden will take human rights. The justice and home affairs and enlargement posts will go to Bulgaria and Slovakia, though it has not been decided who will take which. Ireland will take the budget portfolio, Austria will take research, Greece and Cyprus will take maritime affairs or education, Lithuania will take structural funds, and the Czechs will take one of research or health with the other going to Slovenia.

Telegraph Coulisses de Bruxelles FT: Leader Irish Times FT Open Europe blog


Lukewarm response to European Parliament's first draft on AIFM Directive

Several papers look at the report on the AIFM Directive, published yesterday by the European Parliament's rapporteur for the Directive, Jean-Paul Gauzes. The FT notes that hedge fund and private equity managers yesterday gave "a lukewarm and very conditional welcome" to the report, which suggested 130 amendments to the Commission's original draft. The report proposed to drop some of the protectionist elements of the draft Directive, but scrapped the provisions which would exempt smaller funds from the new rules.


Controversially, Gauzes' report also proposed that the new European Securities and Markets Authority, likely to be created next year as part of the Commission's proposal for more EU-wide financial supervision, will have the power to restrict shortselling and put caps on how much money managers can borrow.


The Telegraph quotes Open Europe's Mats Persson saying "This would centralise significant supervisory powers at the EU level at the expense of national regulators. Handing over such powers raises questions about accountability, creates legal uncertainty and, in a worst case scenario, may even prove counterproductive for ensuring market stability." Richard Wilson of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association is quoted in the FT saying that the report only "takes us some way along the road to improving [the legislation]."

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MEPs question Catherine Ashton's past links to the Soviet Union

The Times reports that newly-appointed EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton has been forced to deny taking funds from the Soviet Union during her days as treasurer for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Lady Ashton was challenged to deny that she had contact with Russian sources while she was in charge of its accounts at the height of the Cold War. Lady Ashton's spokesman said: "During her time in the CND she never visited the Soviet Union, had no contact with the Soviet Union and has never accepted any money from Soviet sources. The first time she visited Russia was as EU Trade Commissioner."


However, all the candidates for the next European Commission must undergo formal hearings at the European Parliament and the European People's Party, the main centre-right group, has pledged to reject any who have promoted communism in the past. The FT notes that the European Parliament cannot reject individual Commissioners; only confirm or reject the entire Commission. Yet the threat of the "nuclear option" could be enough to force Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso to make individual changes.


The IHT notes that the questions over Lady Ashton's past have particularly worried centre-right Eastern European MEPs. Czech MEP Hynek Fajnon said, "There is no doubt that the Kremlin supported CND activities. If Mrs Ashton as treasurer had played any role in that, it would be a great scandal." Latvian MEP Krisjanis Karins said, "We are especially concerned how the High Representative for Foreign Affairs will conduct discussions with our eastern neighbour," according to the Times.


UKIP MEP Nigel Farage raised the matter on the floor of the EP yesterday and was reprimanded by EP President Jerzy Buzek for referring to Lady Ashton and Herman Van Rompuy, the new European President, as "pygmies".


Meanwhile, writing in the Guardian, Timothy Garton Ash argues that with the appointments of Catherine Ashton and Herman Van Rompuy the EU has made its choice: "for soft, slow, fragmented decline. Europe becomes a museum of the good life; still bright and modern now, but slowly getting darker and more decrepit as the years go by."

Times IHT FT Euractiv EUobserver Guardian: Garton Ash England Expects El Mundo: blog European Voice


Swedish EU Presidency to propose minimum alcohol pricing policies, sales restrictions and discount bans in all member states
The Swedish EU Presidency is widely expected to come forward with proposals designed to cut alcohol consumption at a meeting of EU health and consumer affairs ministers on 30 November, according to The Parliament. These are likely to include minimum pricing policies, sales restrictions and discount bans in all member states. The article notes that Europe's brewers are on a direct collision course with the EU over the plans, with Rodolphe de Looz-Corswarem, Secretary-General of the Brussels-based Brewers of Europe, quoted saying: "The focus has to be on actions at local level, in partnership with local actors and consumers, rather than one-size-fits-all EU policies being proposed."
The Parliament


UK likely to be outvoted on extending EU regulation on maternity leave for self-employed

European Voice reports that self-employed workers and their spouses would get more generous maternity leave allowance and social security benefits from draft legislation expected to be agreed by EU employment ministers on 2 December. The proposal would grant female self-employed workers the right to a "maternity leave allowance" sufficient for them to take 14 weeks off work. The article notes that diplomats have said that, despite continued reservations from the UK and Germany, there was a qualified majority in favour of an amended text presented by the Swedish Presidency of the EU.


The UK is concerned that the proposal might encourage people to do undeclared (and untaxed) work for their spouses. Germany has worries that it might be required to extend the relatively generous protection granted to doctors and other specific professions to doctors' spouses, even if the work they perform is menial.

European Voice


China criticises EU for failing to deliver on previous climate promises;

Obama to attend Copenhagen summit

The WSJ reports that China's envoy on climate change has criticised the EU for failing to meet its previous promises to cut greenhouse gases and deliver on technology transfer and aid to poor countries. Yu Qingtai said, "Europe made a lot of commitments. But if you compare those commitments to actions, there is a big disparity."


Euractiv reports that the European Parliament has urged EU leaders to offer €30bn a year to help developing nations combat climate change at the upcoming UN climate change summit in Copenhagen.


The Guardian reports that US President Barack Obama has decided to attend the summit, offering to cut US greenhouse gas emissions by 17% on 2005 figures by 2020. By comparison, the EU has pledged to reduce emissions by 20% by 2020 on 1990 levels - or 30% if there is a global deal.

WSJ WSJ 2 Guardian Euractiv European Voice


New poll: Conservative Party members sceptical about Cameron's commitment to reforming relationship with the EU

A poll of Conservative Party members for Conservative Home has found 20% expect that, under a Conservative government, "even more powers will have been lost to Europe"; 20% agreed that "the UK-EU relationship will be about the same"; 41% answered that "a few powers will be won back but nothing significant"; 13% thought that "significant powers will have been won back"; and 6% answered that "Britain will be on the verge of leaving the EU".

Conservative Home


Multinationals defy Commission over delay to global accounting rules

The FT reports that some of Europe's biggest multinational companies are preparing to defy moves by the European Commission to delay the introduction of new global accountancy rules within the European Union. The EU decision means that European companies officially cannot use the rules while companies in more than 80 countries outside the US can. This has angered many multinationals, particularly in the UK, which believe they will be put at a competitive disadvantage. Four companies contacted by the paper said that they are looking to use the so-called IFRS 9 rules in 2010 and may begin to prepare the numbers for internal use for this year end.

FT FT: Sanderson


The European Parliament yesterday decided that the additional 18 MEPs, put in place by the Lisbon Treaty, will not be allowed to vote or speak in the plenary until EU governments agree and ratify a legal basis for their full mandate, EUobserver reports.



The BBC reports that travellers who book holidays on the internet could receive more financial protection if things go wrong, under plans in a European Commission review of current EU legislation. The FT reports that European airlines have reacted strongly to moves to force them to set up a compensation fund for passengers stranded by failed carriers.



The European Parliament yesterday voted in favour of a proposal to introduce a tyre-labelling 'green' scheme, similar to existing labelling for energy-intensive household appliances such as fridges and tumble dryers, with top performers awarded a green "A" class and the worst a red "G" class, EUobserver reports.

Euractiv EUobserver BBC


A European Commission report released yesterday warned that EU member states will not meet the educational objectives set for 2010.

El Mundo


The three main opposition parties in the Danish Parliament have urged the country's Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen to call a referendum on the Danish EU opt-outs from justice and home affairs and defence policy, Berlingske reports.



Åland - a small semi-autonomous Finnish island - has ratified the Lisbon Treaty after its parliament voted in favour of the Treaty by 24 to 6, Swedish Television reports.

Swedish Television


The FT reports that the Bundesbank has warned that Germany's leading banks face €90bn worth of writedowns.



Writing in the Guardian, Simon Tisdall argues that the EU's loss of patience with Ukraine could see the country "lurch back towards the Russian sphere".

Guardian: Tisdall IHT European Voice



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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obama Knew Fort Hood Terrorist Hasan?

Was the Fort Hood shooting perpetrated by radical Muslim Jihadist an orchestrated distraction? Was the shooting timed to prevent coverage of the Nov 5th D.C. Health Care Rally at the Capital Building? Was there a direct connection between Hasan and Obama? Did Rahm or Axelrod or someone else in the Administration who knew Hasan was a "loose canon" give Hasan his "marching orders?"

Shouldn't these be the questions the media is asking? Why is the media silent on this connection?

Read more:

Did Obama know Fort Hood Shooter Hasan?

The Assyrian Exile: Israel's Legacy in Captivity

The Assyrian Exile: Israel's Legacy in Captivity
Author: Cam Rea
Published: 6/19/2008 9:20:11 PM
Pages: 212
Keywords: Ancient Near East,Assyria,Babylonians,Christianity,Cimmerians,History,Israel,Judaism,Lost Ten Tribes,Politics,Religion,Saka,Scythians
Audience Level: Everyone
Genres: History / Military / GeneralReligion / SpiritualityPolitical Science / General

Format SKU/ISBN Your Price

6x9 Paperback 9781604811735 $21.00

About the Book

“Cam Rea describes the Assyrian Conquest of the northern Israelite Tribes and their subsequent history alongside that of Assyria itself. The account is historically accurate as well as exciting. Cam Rea has the ability to bring the past to life. This work encompasses original research work and pertinent insights. Anyone who wishes to know what happened to the Ten Tribes of Northern Israel after their exile should read this work. The reader will both benefit and enjoy doing so.

Yair Davidiy, Director of Brit-Am, Jerusalem, Israel”.

About the Author

Cam Rea is married with a family, lives in Kendallville, IN, and is a student of IPFW University of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Cam formerly served in the US Military in the Engineering Corps. His Army training and experience later helped him gain a deeper understanding of the Assyrian Military Apparatus. Cam Rea has had a long standing interest in the subject of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and their early history.

Free Preview (excerpt)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 6

2. Rebirth of Assyria 7

2.1. Assyrian aggression 8

2.2. PUL? 10

2.3. Assyrian Expansion 12

2.4. Western union the best way to get paid 15

2.5. Damascus 22

2.6. To the Coast! 24

2.7. Quick bit 25

2.8. Event Horizon! 27

2.9. No Battles? 32

3. Hoshea, the last King of Israel 34

4. Deportation and Relocation 45

4.1. Who were the Medes? 49

4.2. Settling in 52

4.3. Slavery 55

4.4. Could the Israelites bare arms? 55

4.5. Could the Israelites master the horse? 57

4.6. Names 60

5. Who are the Cimmerians? 64

5.1. Who were the Ishkuza? 68

5.2. The role of Hosea 70

5.3. Location of the Cimmerians 71

5.4. Invasion of Urartu 78

5.5. Phrygia, Assyria, and the Cimmerian Rebellion 80

6. Sennacherib 85

7. Esarhaddon, Cimmerians, and the New Threat 90

7.1. Kastariti 103

7.2. Esarhaddon's Palace 118

7.3. Conclusion to Esarhaddon 119

8. Ashurbanipal and the revealing 121

8.1. Dugdammi, King of the World 127

8.2. Madya 144

8.3. Cyaxares and the Scythians 145

9. The Decline of Assyria 149

9.1. Nabopolassar 152

9.2. Josiah and Psammetichus 153

9.3. Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city 160

9.4. The Fall of Nineveh Chronicle 167

9.5. Aftermath 172

10. Final Thoughts 177

Open Europe press summary: 25 November 2009


EU Commission to "look at" direct EU taxes

AFP reports that in a question-time session in the European Parliament yesterday, European Commission President Jose Barroso said he would look at the idea of raising direct EU taxation. Asked if he agreed with Herman Van Rompuy, the new EU President, that there should be EU taxes, he said: "I intend to look at all issues of taxation in the EU, we have to look at this, we have to look at all resources of the EU. We have promised it to the parliament, the programme with which I was elected was to look at possible 'own resources' and this is in the programme that was adopted by this European Parliament."


EU governments keen to push justice and home affairs proposals without input from MEPs

EUobserver reports that the European Parliament yesterday rejected proposals to step up the role of the EU's police and anti-terrorism agency, Europol, in an attempt to delay the plans until after the Lisbon Treaty comes into force, which gives the European Parliament more say in this area. The proposals cover changes to the confidentiality of Europol information, exchange of personal data with partners such as Interpol, agreements with non-EU countries and assistance with criminal investigations.

The article notes that member states may seek to push through the changes regardless of the MEPs' protests, when justice and home affairs ministers meet in Brussels next Monday, where they will discuss a raft of proposals. They include a proposed common European asylum system and the management of EU databases designed to hold criminal records and controversial European arrest warrants.

Member states are also keen to agree a new deal with the US on the transfer of citizens' banking data. According to the provisional agenda of next week's ministerial meeting, ministers are due to "authorise the signing of an agreement between the European Union and the United States of America on the processing and transfer of financial messaging data for purposes of the Terrorist Finance Tracking Programme."

The deal will allow American authorities to access information from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Swift), an inter-bank data processing centre, as well as other, similar companies in Europe. In 2006 it emerged that the American authorities were secretly using information on European transactions as part of the so-called 'war on terror.'

EUobserver Ministers' Agenda Open Europe press release Open Europe research

William Hague to spell out plans for 'greening' EU budget

In an article on Conservative plans to introduce green individual savings accounts, the FT reports that William Hague "will today pledge to use negotiations on the next EU budget for 2011-2014 to back European Commission efforts to redefine spending priorities." Hague is expected to say: "It will be a priority of a Conservative government to push for fundamental reform of the EU budget ... to redirect resources towards addressing climate change and energy security." Other initiatives he is expected to announce include a call for significant support through the EU budget to developing countries to fight deforestation. He will also pledge to introduce new criminal offences in the UK banning the import, sale or distribution of illegally harvested timber.


Jean Quatremer: "There is no doubt" that France's Michel Barnier will become EU Internal Market Commissioner

EUobserver notes that all 27 member states have now submitted their nominations for the new European Commission. The FT reports that Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said yesterday that he will resist pressure from member states angling for top jobs, telling MEPs: "Let's be blunt: All of us are subject to pressure and requests. But at the end of the day, I have the final decision on what the next Commission will be."

However, on his blog, Jean Quatremer notes that "there is no doubt" that France's Michel Barnier will become EU Internal Market Commissioner, with responsibility for financial services. He notes that the Justice and Home Affairs portfolio will be broken up to create a new Human Rights Commissioner, and a Climate Change Commissioner. The composition of the new Commission is expected to be announced on 1 December, to coincide with the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty. EUobserver notes that the newly nominated Commissioners are expected to face hearings in front of the European Parliament on 11 January, ahead of a general vote of approval from MEPs.

Euractiv reports that four Eastern European Commissioners are finding themselves in competition after the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Latvia all signalled their interest in the enlargement portfolio. The WSJ notes that current Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes has been re-nominated by the Dutch government but is unlikely to carry on in the same post.

Coulisses de Bruxelles FT Euractiv Euractiv 2 EUobserver European Voice European Voice 2 WSJ

MEPs approve controversial EU telecoms package

The European Parliament has approved a highly contested set of telecoms rules, which must now be transposed into law in member states by 24 May 2011. The Commission says the rules give consumers the right to switch fixed or mobile operators in one working day while keeping their number; the right to be better informed about subscription-based services; the right to be informed about data breaches by their telecoms operator, and also oblige operators to give consumers the option of signing a contract which lasts no longer than 12 months.

The package includes a provision for "internet freedom" to prevent national authorities from cutting off suspected illegal downloaders' access unless there has been "a prior, fair and impartial procedure and effective and timely judicial review", according to the Commission. According to the BBC MEPs agreed on a statement which read: "A user's internet access may be restricted, if necessary and proportionate, only after a fair and impartial procedure including the user's right to be heard." However what the fair and impartial procedure will mean in practice remains unclear, and an earlier amendment which ruled that any application for cutting off internet access must go through a judge was rejected. Sweden's Pirate Party have argued since the package's inception that the text's wording would allow member states to cut off suspected Internet pirates' connections without a fair trial.

Euractiv BBC

EP rapporteur for AIFM Directive foresees stronger role for new EU authority in setting leverage caps

Jean-Paul Gauzes - the rapporteur in the European Parliament for the EU's proposed AIFM Directive - has written a letter to Members of the European Parliament in which he proposed a significant role for the soon-to-be created European Securities and Markets Authority, which will have binding powers over national regulators, in monitoring and intervening in the alternative investment market. For example, ESMA would be given the mandate to set caps on the amount of money hedge fund managers can borrow when investing in shares. Gauzes also proposed remuneration restrictions on fund managers similar to those recommended for bankers. While the letter is likely to be seen by the industry as a 'step backwards' compared to the proposal previously circulated by the Swedish EU Presidency, Gauzes also recommended that non-EU hedge funds should be allowed to operate in member states under national rules, which would make the AIFM Directive much less protectionist.

Forbes Open Europe research

Iain Martin: Ashton's appointment demonstrates the EU's lack of vision for a coherent foreign policy

Writing in the WSJ, Iain Martin looks at the appointment of Catherine Ashton as EU Foreign Minister and argues that it is evidence of the fact that "Despite the rhetoric, Europe doesn't have a foreign policy in any serious sense. It has various people appointed to positions with foreign-affairs titles, and it has the beginnings of a structure of embassies abroad, but its states have no collective view." He adds, "Ultimately, the impression isn't of a strong EU, but of a supplicant continent that keeps saying it wants a bigger role on the world stage and then can't deliver. Boxed in by the way in which it chooses its senior figures, it ends up with Baroness Ashton, rather than a figure of consequence."

WSJ: Martin

WSJ: GM bailout "won't be any prettier just because it's coordinated"

An editorial in the WSJ looks at the news that Germany, Britain, Spain, Belgium and Poland have promised to coordinate their response to General Motors to avoid a subsidy war. It argues that "even if they keep their pledge not to cut separate deals with the US auto maker, that still doesn't mean that aid will only be handed out under strict commercial considerations. A bailout is not going to be any prettier just because it's coordinated."

WSJ: Editorial

Jean-Claude Trichet: We refused member states' requests to lower interest rates

In an interview with Het Financieele Dagblad, ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet has declared that "we have refused to give in to requests to lower interest rates. At the beginning of 2004 we received requests from the President of France, the Chancellor of Germany, [and] the PM of Italy. In December 2005 we have even increased interest rates". Trichet was defending the ECB's record against claims by economists that low interest rates set by central banks caused the economic crisis.

A BBC investigation has found that large sums promised to developing countries to help them tackle climate change cannot be accounted for. The money was pledged in the 2001 Bonn Declaration, signed by 20 industrialised nations including the 15 EU countries. The EU says the money was paid out in bilateral deals, but admits it cannot provide data to prove it.


The newly-appointed President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, will mark his first semi-official engagement in the role when he visits Latvia and Finland next month.


French website Toute l'Europe notes that, at €29,504 per month, Herman Van Rompuy's salary as EU President is €8,000 higher than Nicolas Sarkozy's.

No link

Euractiv reports that the European Commission has launched a consultation process on its plans to make Europe a "smarter, greener social market" by 2020.

Euractiv EUobserver

Today Yves Leterme is being sworn in as the new Belgian PM in replacement of Herman Van Rompuy, amidst concerns over the upcoming negotiations between Flemish and Walloon factions, reports De Standaard.

Standaard Standaard Leader

The Guardian reports that the European Commission is likely to extend the ban on carrying liquids on aeroplanes until 2013, except for airports that purchase new upgraded security scanners.


Le Figaro profiles the new Secretary General of the European Council, Pierre de Boissieu, nominated by EU leaders last week.

No link


The Independent reports that senior Conservatives believe that Gordon Brown may call a general election next March.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fox 25 Special Report on Philadelphia Church of God

Reporter Nick Winkler, of Fox 25 in Oklahoma City, presented a special report on the Philadelphia Church of God that aired Nov. 24 and Nov. 25.

I found the special report on the PCG, all things considered, unusually fair and balanced and commend Nick Winkler and Fox News for it, since the Sabbath-keeping Church of God members have always been highly skeptical of such reporters and cynical about such programs.

You can watch the Fox News' videos for yourself and see what you think:

Philadelphia Church of God: Part One
Philadelphia Church of God: Part Two

I'm pleased Fox News made mention of my book and name and showed them on my Philadelphia Church of God blog, having interviewed me as a former PCG member who was disfellowshipped for writing Beyond Babylon and who strongly disagrees with how Pastor General Gerald Flurry is squandering tithe money in Edmond, Oklahoma instead of going all out to share the plain truth of the Bible, our warning message, with the world in a powerful way that such money makes possible.

Fox 25, Oklahoma City, Special Report:
Philadelphia Church of God: Part One

David Ben-Ariel: I was basically put out..

Reporter Nick Winkler: Former PCG member David Ben-Ariel says he was kicked out of the Church for writing a book [Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall] without the Church's approval and says all that money [15 million Art Center on their Edmond, Oklahoma site] could be better spent spreading God's Word differently...

David Ben-Ariel: Hopefully, they'll stop spending their money in Edmond, Oklahoma and use it to become a household word with our teachings and let that become known.

Fox 25, Oklahoma City, Special Report:
Philadelphia Church of God: Part Two

Nick Winkler: Before Jesus Christ returns...

David Ben-Ariel: Violence, WWIII...yes, there will be lots of violence.

Nick Winkler: Former PCG member David Ben-Ariel says he was kicked out of the Church but still defends its tithing practices...

David Ben-Ariel: Again, it's voluntary but it's understood if you're a Church of God member you will tithe and you'll want to.


PCG: Carrying on "Business as Usual"
If you truly saw what is coming on this Earth, and had a vision of tomorrow, you would know that the Gathering Storm darkens as you sip champagne and boast that you're rich and in need of nothing, woefully ignorant that the Two Witnesses will soon be wearing sackcloth and fasting, not wining and dining at black tie dinners!

Here's an excerpt from Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Era (Conclusion) that reveals the PCG ministers' initial response to Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, and how Gerald Flurry's fomer right-hand man, PCG minister Dennis Leap, shamefully insisted on playing politics:

What's BEWILDERING to me is the different responses I've received from several of God's ministers who have read Beyond Babylon -- towards it and me -- before and after Dennis Leap's PARTIAL review! (Malachi 2:9).

When I faithfully sent a computer disk with my book on it to minister Wayne Turgeon, he graciously read all of it and responded:

"Oh, how I admire those with both the ability to write as well as the courage to put down their ideas on paper! I felt that you have a very gripping style of writing that uses twists and slants of words or phrases to make your point. I looked up every scripture you referenced and it became clear that you have really spent a lot of time in your Bible. Being Jewish, I think, gives you an added perspective that I could never have... Much of what you have written is not 'new revelation' as I'm sure that you'd readily agree... It's certainly not my place to determine if what you believe God has shown you is true or not, but would you mind presenting Mr. Flurry with an abbreviated version of what you feel is inspired... as I highly doubt that he would have time to read your whole book."

What does he mean it's not his place to determine if what I wrote is true or not? God holds every INDIVIDUAL responsible to prayerfully determine whether something is of God or not! How did we prove Malachi's Message was biblical? Did we rely solely on our minister's evaluation? Worldwide all over again?

Mind you, unlike Mr. Armstrong's lengthy manuscript of close to 300 typed pages, Beyond Babylon is only 1/2 that size, literally! I suggested Gerald Flurry read the first and last chapters. Mr. Turgeon told me Flurry returned it to him, saying something like, "He's always sending us stuff."

I have written short letters to the point, like correcting him about Mount Hermon and Mount Carmel after he continued to confuse the two in several articles. I'm familiar with them because I've been blessed to have lived next to both of them. Mr. Turgeon also wrote that I was a little "too radical" for Mr. Flurry and wondered what I'd said or done that had given him that impression. I explained it's because I took exception to his careless condemnation of those religious Jews who want the Temple built as "extremists." I wrote that it's extremist for secular, humanist Jews to oppose converting the Promised Land into a Holy Land!

Flurry was surprised and had also written against the STRONG EMOTIONS some feel over Jerusalem and Israel. How could God use someone so distant over there?! Some of us have a GOD-GIVEN LOVE for Jerusalem and a genuine passion for Judah that's most personal; we're not a stranger in OUR Homeland! (Psalms 102:14; Ps. 137; Isaiah 62). That's not "radical," it's BIBLICAL!

Minister Carl Craven also read Beyond Babylon and acknowledged it as biblical. He said he hadn't looked up every Scripture, but was sure if he had they'd also be used correctly. I commented that I know it's biblical, but that I was just waiting for headquarters to prove that to themselves as well. He expressed an understanding of how it's difficult to be patient meanwhile.

When Dennis Leap did call, it was to instruct me to STAY HOME FROM SABBATH SERVICES while he looked at the book! I didn't recall such an unusual request being made of Mr. Armstrong, and recognized it went against "innocent until proven guilty," but obliged with the hope of returning soon (John 7:51).

"Prophesy Not!"

After some time, I called Mr. Leap. He said he'd read PARTS of the book, and that it wasn't important whether Mr. Flurry had read it or not (even though I'd been led to believe he'd pass it on to him). He stated, "You use some pretty strong language in there," to which I replied, "But it's biblical, isn't it?" "Well, yes, but...". He also noted, like Mr. Turgeon, that most of it is what we already teach. I agreed and said that that should serve as a GOOD SIGN, but that the NEW REVELATION about the Two Witnesses and Europe is firmly built upon that foundation.

Dennis Leap found it difficult to accept that a LAY MEMBER would write such a book. He admitted Flurry had received bits of revelation from lay members, but NEVER a whole book! I didn't want to be judged by precedent, but by whether or not what I'd written is biblical. If I was in error, then it was his duty to clearly show me where FROM THE BIBLE, like Aquilla and Priscilla helped improve Apollos' understanding (Acts 18:26).

I was informed if I wanted to return to services, I would have to forget Beyond Babylon, act like a "regular lay member," and basically deny that it was from God! Like Mr. Armstrong, I had PROVEN what I'd written to be TRUE. Actually, Leap didn't say that it wasn't or attempt to refute it!

I told Mr. Leap I didn't want to play politics. By his insistence that I must be a MINISTER to write such a book, he was still looking to MEN OF STATURE! And since I'm not one, he was demanding that I "PROPHESY NOT!" (Amos 2:12).

He got very angry when I mentioned this and said he was severing all ties between the PCG and myself, and that I wasn't to claim any association with the PCG. He said I was now free to go and do whatever I felt God would have me to do with BB and not worry whether or not he or Mr. Flurry had read it! When I expressed the hope of reconciliation, he retorted we could when I repented. Of what? OBEYING GOD RATHER THAN MAN? Is that "rebellion?"

Mr. Armstrong WASN'T an ordained minister either when he wrote what he felt GOD would have him to share! The Identity Doctrine also wasn't so much new truth, as a new way of presenting it. I'm sure glad he didn't let those two points stop him! Aren't you? So I was UNJUSTLY DISFELLOWSHIPPED for believing God used me to write a book, and MARKED for exposing the facts about Mr. Leap's folly!

Read Beyond Babylon for yourself. You can read Beyond Babylon for FREE on my Beyond Babylon blog!

Beyond Babylon
Survival Guaranteed
Why National Defeat?
Truth or Consequences
Victims of Tradition
Europe's Fate
Jesus and the Jews
Elijah's Key Role