Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FYI Elie Wiesel: Iran will not be defeated by atheists

Confronting Iran
by Elie Wiesel

The UN must expel Ahmadinejad's murderous regime, says one of the world's leading moral voices.

Although I agree wholeheartedly with Elie Wiesel on confronting Iran, I know that the UN would rather expel the British-Israelites and Jews from their accursed body. We should leave on our own accord and leave them to their own devices -- elsewhere. However, I must question how an ATHEIST can be lauded as "one of the world's leading moral voices"? And since Elie Wiesel foolishly denies the existence of our Great Creator God, and the divine inspiration of the Torah, by what standard does he dare judge others? And how can he as an ATHEIST, wandering in the wilderness with others lost in the chaos and confusion of a spiritual anarchy (each promoting their idolatrous ideas and their Hellenist thoughts as the way to go), claim one religion or ideology is "good" or "evil"? (Isaiah 55:7-9). By the consent of the majority? Isn't that what Nazi Germany did?

If Hellenist (at best) Jews like Elie Wiesel would struggle within themselves and come to grasp higher truths like our father Jacob-Israel did and embrace revelation, then God would make us strong enough to put and keep our enemies in their place, securing our place among the nations from a position of strength and not personal or national weakness as evinced by the defeatist, corrupt-to-the-core Kadima or those traitors who refuse to protect our borders in the United States, also selling out to Germany.

Everything is CAUSE AND EFFECT. It is because of personal and national sins that the nations are stirred up like a hornet's nest against us (Daniel 9:11). When we get back to our proper place and relationship with God (Malachi 4:4), He'll put the fear of God and klal Yisrael (collective Israel/Twelve Tribes of Israel) into the heart of our enemies and drive them away like so much chaff from the Temple Mount. Otherwise, if we fail to turn to Him and choose life, divine punishment will demand the nations cause us to suffer destruction, defeat and deportation. It's us or them. Plain and simple.

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