Thursday, August 02, 2007

Barry Chamish: Israel spinning out of control

I'm back from a four lecture tour of NYC and environs. I was there
during Tisha B'Av, a fast which commemorates the loss of the First and
Second Temples. I heard one rabbi lecture on the night of the
commemoration and one at its end. The first rabbi, David Rybstein,
declared there cannot be two peoples on one land, the second in
Woodmere, mourned the sad fact that there aren't twelve people trying to
redeem the Holy Temple.
Neither rabbi mourned the much sadder fact that this may well be their
last Tisha B'Av with Israel. Welcome to America...1938. From my tiny
sample, allow me to expand and declare, Americans, Jews and not, don't
know that Israel is now spinning out of control.
The spin will drift into raw chaos if Olmert is ever indicted by the
police for his manifold crimes. Then, the new deputy prime minister,
Chaim Ramon will take over the land for its last days. Ramon was
installed barely a couple of months after being convicted of the lewd
crime of French-kissing an 18 year old soldier, needless to say, against
her will. Ramon, as doubtless no one remembers, was given mounds of
American advice and money to take over the national union, The
Histadrut. So, just a few months off pedophilia charges, he could very
well be, the last ugly face holding the PM's post.
Next, let's destroy the Jewish National Fund (JNF). This is the backbone
of Jewish sovereignty in Israel, owning and guarding the land of Israel
for the Jews. It all began in June 2006 when for the first time, an
Arab, one Ra'adi Sfori, was made a director of the board by the far-left
Meretz faction. This month, former Meretz head Yossi Sarid called for a
strike against the JNF unless it handed out its real estate to Arabs. Of
Sarid's many acts of deadly treachery, I am reminded that it was he,
Shimon Peres and US documents thief Sandy Berger, a member of the
Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), who led the campaign to wreck the
Israeli gains of the Lebanon War of 1982.
Enter Shimon, feh, phooey, ichseh, Peres, President of the Israel he
hates and is conspiring toward its end. To be really prepared, Google a
CFR membership list and see that I'm right. His New Jersey pals, CFR
members Zuckerman and Tisch, are actively assuring that Arabs get a
"fair" share of JNF largesse, much to the deceit of actual JNF
contributors. (See notes). And who will oversee the latest and last
transfer, none other than Olmert's first backer, the President of the
JNF's board, Ronald Lauder of the CFR?
But will the non-Frankist Jews make this most obvious connection? Of
course not. They want Israel to spin, spin, spin...spin, spin,
spin...out of control.
Et, voila, le piece de resistance. I am in Liberty, New York at a camp
for Jewish idealists run by Stern and Brown. Stern has been forced from
Israel by a humiliating, deliberate crime against him.
There, I read a Hebrew paper for the first time in a year. Yediot has a
long feature on Jewish youth from the old USSR and Ethiopia, mostly
gentile, brought by the head of the Jewish Agency and new anti-semite,
Avraham Burg. They have now formed murderous gangs throughout the land
and are 60% of the underage prisoners in custody. They threaten the very
safety of all Israelis. Burg's strategy worked. Israel is now spinning,
spinning, spinning, out of control.

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