Monday, November 05, 2007

The Emperor’s New Clothes

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From Yugoslav Reports
Oct. 19, 2007 - “What Does the World Owe 1940s Serbs? Not too much...
A Mar. 26, 1941 eyewitness news account of a massive outpouring of ordinary working people in Serbia and Montenegro, supported by the Orthodox church, aiming to overthrow the Nazi-subservient Yugoslav government, demanding war against the Nazis. The world held its breath...
Posted in scanned and text formats. Both with comments by Jared Israel.

Oct. 11, 2007 - News: NATO provocation; impending indictment of Montenegrin leaders; NY Times on 1941 German threat against Serbs.

Oppose Fascist Rock Star's US Tour with the Truth
Part 1

by Jared Israel
[Nov. 3, 2007]

NATO Stages a War Provocation in the Balkans
News with analysis by Jared Israel
[Oct. 11, 2007]

‘Slightly Fascist’? The New York Times Prods Croatia. Gently.
by Jared Israel
[1 August 2007]

Croatia: Holocaust Denial on Display
by Jared Israel
[12 February 2007]
[Na srpsko-hrvatskom]
[Deutsche Übersetzung]

Insults, Cover-up and Incitement: Croatia's Mesic at the Israeli Knesset
* Croatian President Stjepan Mesic's supposed apology, delivered at Israel's Knesset (parliament) 31 October 2001
* Critique by Jared Israel (revised 14 February)

[12 February 2007]

“Far more than shameless”
A Survivor Talks About Croatia’s ‘Museum’ at Jasenovac
Interview with Smilja Tišma (Belgrade), President, Organization of Survivors
Interviewer: Jovan Skendžić

[5 February 2007]
[Na srpsko-hrvatskom]

Efraim Zuroff of Wiesenthal Center's Israel Office Replies to Jared Israel
[16 January 2007]

The suppressed history of the Holocaust in Croatia
For the first time on the internet, the full text of Yad Vashem's Encyclopedia of the Holocaust article "Croatia," which the Vatican and US and German governments hope you won't read. Also Jared Israel on the opening of the Croatian government's Holocaust-denying Holocaust exhibition, with tragic participation of Jewish, Serbian and Roma representatives; on how the US State Department misuses Washington's Holocaust Museum to market Holocaust denial; and with evidence of the Western media suppressing reports of fascism among Croatia's top officials.

[1 January 2007]
[Na srpsko-hrvatskom]

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