Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dollar's Fate Sealed

This was published in The Blade newspaper and was read the following Sabbath to the entire congregation of the Worldwide Church of God in Toledo, Ohio by Pastor George Kackos, after introducing me as the newest baptized member.

The Blade Reader's Forum
Monday, June 18, 1979

To the Editor of The Blade:
Our dollar is doomed. Its fate is certain to be sealed soon when the European Economic Community, united by the fear of Communist aggression, allows its dream of the European Currency Unit to take full effect.
That will startle the slumbering world, awakening it out of its false euphoria that Europe must depend on the United States for military protection and for the stability of a forever fluctuating, sick dollar that has served its purpose and is "over the hill."
The trauma of the decline of the Deutsche Mark in value was a festering sore that prepared the way for Adolf Hitler. So it is today with inflation, the dollar's lack of value, and the Communist threat.
The idea of a united Europe that will exercise unimaginable power ought to be feared as a Frankenstein monster. As with the false hope that Hitler's dream generated which ended tragically in the nightmare of death and destruction, so also shall this imminent "empire" be ushered in with praise. But in the end all shall count it as a curse.
Holland, Ohio
After reading this, my Grandmother Vivian Hoover wondered where I got my information from, since she had never heard of the ECU (European Currency Unit). I told her The Plain Truth magazine wrote about it. She replied something like, "Well, some of us still work for the dollar." What would she think today?

*My former name was David Allen Hoover, which was legally changed to David Ben-Ariel in 1989, as mentioned within God-Given Names.

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