Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Killer Teams

German-Foreign-Policy Newsletter 2009/09/14 - Killer Teams

KABUL/BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) - Disputes within the establishment in Berlin are flanking the debate of the Kunduz massacre that was ordered by a German officer. While the German government is attempting to smother all criticism of the attack at night on two tanker trucks, using diplomatic initiatives to stop the criticism of allied countries, government advisors are calling for an open debate about the killing of civilians. There "will be no 'clean war' in Afghanistan." That must be "openly stated," according to an associate of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP), who advocates a discussion on the "issue of ending the ISAF mission." Such a debate, as is being promoted by the German foreign minister, had begun a while ago in the USA. If, sooner or later, the US pulls out, Berlin will have to follow suit. Alternatives to a complete withdrawal are being discussed both in the USA and in military circles in Germany: the war could continue to be waged through sustained strikes in Afghanistan from abroad. Special units ("hunter-killer teams") would be brought into action with targeted strikes against the insurgents.


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