Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Germandom Prize (Nobel Prize in Literature)

Newsletter 2009/10/12 - The Germandom Prize

BERLIN/STOCKHOLM (Own report) - Berlin's "Germandom" organizations are cheering the awarding of the Nobel Prize in Literature to the "Romanian-German" author Herta Mueller. As the President of the League of Expellees (BdV), Erika Steinbach, CDU declared this award is an indication of "how precious the Germans' cultural heritage is in the East". "It means this heritage must be maintained and promoted." The BdV has recently launched an exhibit of the "German Eastern Settlements" throughout the centuries, with the intention of drawing new public attention. This project is patterned after the "Center against Expulsions" and is centered on the German speaking minorities of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, exploited by Germany's politicians and businessmen as bridgeheads for Berlin's expansionism. The Nobel
Prize Committee has bestowed an exemplary popularity upon one of these minorities, the "Banat Swabians," of which Herta Mueller is a member. The political intentions of the committee in Stockholm, whose decisions are supported by foreign interests, are helping the BdV and giving a boost to the "Germandom" policy. Criticism of the Nobel Prize choice is being heard in countries, for example in Poland, affected by
"Germandom's" interference.


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