Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Back to Europe?

By David Ben-Ariel

The United States is mainly the prophesied biblical inheritance of Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples, as Manifest Destiny proves. We the People are Manasseh the son of Joseph - the single great nation that was foretold to have such great power and influence over the world. As for "Native Americans." Native Americans? They're primitive Beringian immigrants who fought and murdered each other fighting over the land until the rightful heirs of this land - the White Israelites - appeared and put them all in their place. Manifest Destiny is a wonderful thing!

We the People - White Israelites (Anglo-Saxon-Celtic and white peoples of NW Europe) don't need to return to Europe but people of white color need to remember our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities and appropriately exercise resolve and repatriate blacks to Africa where they belong and clean house: sweep out all the illegal aliens from Mexico, bring our troops home and put them on our borders to secure it and defeat the foreign invasion.