Friday, January 12, 2007

Arnold's Office Refuses to Comment (update)

Arnold's Office Refuses to Comment
by David Ben-Ariel

The European Observer reported:

"Europe's far right parties are considering forming a pan-European movement together."

Will Arnold Schwarzenegger, frustrated by failures to run for the highest office in the United States, return home to Europe and triumph in the elections as the "born leader" of the pan-European movement's party? Will the EU's strong man then vent his anger against the United States and wreak havoc on the world?

When I called Governor Schwarzenegger's office the first time to inquire "Has Governor Schwarzenegger ever considered running for president of the European Union or would he consider it?" (Presently only possible when Austria has the EU presidency but the winds of change are blowing). The fellow said he was pretty sure he wouldn't. When I asked, "Is that a yes or a no," he said he hadn't heard him say anything about it. That's not what I asked. I wanted a concrete yes or no answer. Not a guess.

He then put me through to Lee in the Press Office who graciously took note of my questions and said if she found out anything she'd give me a call. I called again to leave my email, rather than just my phone number. Still didn't hear anything after some time, so I just called and she said they had no comment.

When pressed as to does that means Mr. Schwarzenegger doesn't plan to run for European office, or doesn't want to discuss it, for whatever reasons, she simply said "We don't have any comment for your book." When I said what should I say when I write about Arnold's refusal to answer a simple question, she said say the "Press office declines to comment." WHY?

Now, according to The European Observer:

Socialists urge political embargo against far-right group -- "The new far-right group – calling itself "Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty" likely to be formally constituted next week- teams up a mixed bunch of anti-immigrant and xenophobic MEPs, with a leader who is awaiting a court verdict for questioning the Holocaust... Greens leader Monica Frassoni said the group's creation "is a sad reflection of the reality of today's Europe," but added that in practice, not much will change.

'The extreme right MEPs already sit in this house and the fact that they are organised in a political group will not give them more influence in the parliament. They will remain marginal.'"

Wishful thinking? Failure to face growing resentment over Muslim intimidation throughout Europe?

Nothing against Arnold Schwarzenegger personally, but my first thought and concern as an American born and raised here in our Promised Land, is why would we want a German (he was born in Austria, hence Germanic) in control of California on our strategic West Coast? Especially when, as Herbert W. Armstrong so correctly warned through the pages of The Plain Truth magazine and World Tomorrow broadcast (formerly headquartered in Pasadena, California), the Nazi movement only went underground and began to lay the foundation for their return. Germany's Fourth Reich (taking ugly shape and beastly form in the fascist EU) was to be funded by German industrialists throughout the world who were to seek key positions to enable them to abuse their authority to further Germany's grand design. Something to seriously think about as it increasingly appears mission accomplished.

How many German plants in America are serving the interests of Germany's budding Fourth Reich? It's not only German factories and German businesses in America proving “that basic thoroughness of the orderly German” (Johannes Gross), since the secret Nazis had predetermined such a strategy, but bought and paid for American prostitutes in diverse and perverse positions of power who aid and abet them. They expose our country to danger and will leave us infected as a nuclear wasteland!

Now that Herr Schwarzenegger is in control of California, he undoubtedly craves the presidency of the United States, especially since he's convinced he was "born to rule" and has more than an admiration for historical dictators, swaying millions. If he is unable to claim that coveted prize, would he, in fierce frustration, return to Europe and go after its reigns and ride the EU bull with the Bavarian pope's blessings?

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

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