Friday, January 26, 2007

Moshe Katsav

Katzav attacks his accusers
Beyond Babylon ^ | 01-26-07 | Reuven A. Kossover

Katzav was pushed to do the dirty work of the Sharon & Olmert regime, promising the Vatican control over parts of Mount Zion in return for -– a synagogue in Spain! That plan fortunately did not work, and the Vatican has not gotten control over more of Mount Zion: Yet.

Perhaps it was Katsav's failure to do the dirty work of treason for Sharon, Olmert & Peres that led to rape charges during the summer of 2006. Perhaps Peres would like to combine the posts of State President and Prime Minister in the near future and emulate Adolf Hitler as fuehrer here, and for this he needs Katzav out of the way.

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