Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The New Front (Yemen)

Newsletter 2010/01/04 - The New Front

SANAA/WASHINGTON/BERLIN (Own report) - Germany is taking part in the US government's intensification of the so-called "war on terror" in Yemen. As Washington dispatches detachments of Special Forces to the country and directs bombing raids carried out by the Yemeni military, Berlin is engaged in building up Yemen's coast guard and training its police. This cooperation with Yemen's repressive institutions is of strategic significance and was intensified last year, when the USA began to step up its "anti-terror" measures in this country located at the southern most corner of the Arabic Peninsular. The German Bundeswehr maintains a "group of advisors" with the Yemeni military. The Yemeni armed forces are alleged to have committed a massacre of civilians last December. The German Navy, in operation off the Yemeni coast, is also implicated in these "war on terror" intensification measures. Somali militias, just across the narrow Gulf of Aden from this new front, have announced their intention to enter this conflict. Berlin's local partner in the war is the Yemeni government - known for decades for its use of torture.


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