Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Propaganda Ploy (Polish protests of Germany's not abiding by treaties)

Newsletter 2010/01/13 - A Propaganda Ploy

BERLIN/WARSAW (Own Report) - Poland's serious protests of Germany's not abiding by treaties and agreements are overshadowing Berlin's Coordinator for German Polish Cooperation's inaugural visit to Warsaw tomorrow. The protests in Poland are aimed at Germany's disregard for the terms of the German-Polish Good Neighbor Policy Treaty, resulting in, the much less prosperous, Poland allocating a multiple per capita for the German-speaking minority in Poland in its national budget than what Germany is willing to allot for the Polish-speaking minority in Germany. The German revisionist "Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation Foundation" is another cause of discontent. Warsaw insists that Germany live up to its engagement in the agreements on personnel questions, which Germany is now threatening to violate, including providing the President of the German League of Expellees, Erika Steinbach, a position on the staff of the foundation. The historian Tomasz Szarota has raised grave criticism of the institution, which plans to erect a memorial in the German capital at a prominent location. Szarota was a member of the foundation's scientific advisory council, from which he resigned in protest. Through his knowledge of the structure of the foundation, Szarota sees the foundation as a "propaganda ploy" that, even without Erika Steinbach's collaboration, will present the developments at the end of World War II with bias.


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