Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arctic Roadmap

Newsletter 2010/03/11 - Arctic Roadmap

BERLIN/WASHINGTON (Own report) - German Navy circles are discussing US plans for the militarization of the Arctic. According to the latest edition of the German magazine "MarineForum", the US Navy is currently elaborating concrete scenarios for missions in the Arctic Ocean to develop arms programs for the next few years and is examining the possibility of establishing a permanent military presence in the High North. These US projects are not only important for Germany because Washington would like to coordinate them, at least to a certain extent, with its allies. In addition, the competent department director in the German Navy declared already last year that it must also be examined "to what extent ships, boats and aircraft already in service" would be capable of participating in "operations in the maritime regions of the High North." Berlin favors Iceland joining the EU, because it could provide a strategic base for Arctic missions and the EU is endorsing membership negotiations. Western authorities are suspiciously watching China's recent efforts to use the opening of the Arctic.


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