Monday, April 26, 2010

Germany, France press Greece for further austerity measures News

1. Germany, France press Greece for further austerity measures -
26.04.2010 - 09:28

Germany and France have indicated that Greece must provide more details on the austerity measures to be taken in the coming years before eurozone states give their final approval on financial support.

2. Brussels and Madrid clash over domestic violence bill - 26.04.2010 -

In a rare display of public disagreement with the EU presidency country, the European Commission on Friday refused to back a legislative proposal providing EU-wide protection for victims of domestic violence.

3. Austrians give landslide to Social Democrat president - 26.04.2010 -

Austria's incumbent Social Democrat president, Heinz Fischer, won a second six-year term in office on Sunday, with 79 percent of the vote. But a far-right candidate, Barbara Rosenkranz, known for opposition to the country's Holocaust denial laws that had dominated election news in the end captured only 15 percent.


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