Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Simulated Combat Training (I) (Wehrmacht Tradition in the German Army)

Newsletter 2010/04/28 - Simulated Combat Training (I)

BERLIN (Own report) - For years, the Bundeswehr has been orienting its training of combat troops on the model of the Nazi-Wehrmacht, as has been documented by a manual, aimed at furnishing "aid for combat," published by the Army Office of the German armed forces. The case studies presented in the training manual almost exclusively refer to operations of the Wehrmacht during WW II, citing numerous well known Nazis as sources, including the SS officer Paul Karl Schmidt ("Paul Carell"), who headed the press section of the German foreign ministry until 1945. In its "guide" for the German occupation troops in Afghanistan, the German Armed Forces Military History Research Office (MGFA) makes positive reference to the Nazi military. For example, the fervent anti-Semite Oskar Ritter von Niedermayer is described as representing the "good German-Afghan relations", before, during and after WW II.