Thursday, September 16, 2010

History à la Carte (Foundation "Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation")

History à la Carte
(Own report) - Once again the German government's "Flight, Expulsion, Reconciliation Foundation" has caused a scandal. Because of recent historical revisionist allegations of two of the foundation's officials, the Central Council of Jews in Germany has announced that it is suspending its membership on the foundation's board of directors and may possibly resign. The allegations in question relativize Germany's sole responsibility for starting the Second World War. In spite of the public discussion provoked by these allegations, the foundation, which in fact is under German government control, has "made no significant move". This is why the Central Council of Jews in Germany finds it impossible to continue its participation, according to its General Secretary Stephan Kramer. Allegations falsifying history have also been made by other foundation functionaries. Referring to the author of an extremist right-wing magazine, the internet portal of the regional German League of Expellees (BdV) of the state of Hesse, whose chairperson is also on the foundation's board is repeating the allegation, that former Czech President "Benesch had called for the mass murder of Germans in 1945". Obvious incompetence and revisionist efforts have already led several prominent historians to resign from their functions in the foundation. In spite of this renewed scandal, the German government is maintaining its support for its foundation.