Friday, April 17, 2009


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Read the European Foundation's ANALYSIS OF THE TREATY OF LISBON

Bill Cash MP demands judicial review on Lisbon Treaty at High Court(and is refused)

Lord Neill of Bladen speech to House of Lords on 18 June

Bill Cash MP speech to the House of Commons on the Irish vote on 18 June

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Germany - an emerging superpower? Comparisons with the 1930s
Sara Moore [The European Journal, May 2008]

Defending the Supremacy of Parliament
Bill Cash, MP [The European Journal, April 2008]

The Reform Treaty's Impact on EU Defence Integration
Dr Liam Fox, MP [The European Journal, January 2008]

The Swiss model is a workable model for Britain
Ruth Lea, Director of Global Vision[The European Journal, January 2008

Whose Court of Justice? The European Supreme Court
Margarida Vasconcelos, Head of Research at the European Foundation[the European Journal, January 2008]

The Dogs Have Barked and the European Caravan Must be Stopped
Bill Cash, MP, UK[The European Journal, November/December 2007]

Czech President, Vaclav Klaus and colleagues speak to the European Foundation
Vaclav Klaus and colleagues, CZECH REPUBLIC [The European Journal, May 2006]

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