Saturday, April 18, 2009

On the Origin of German Wealth (III) (Nazi Past of German Company)

Newsletter 2009/04/03 - On the Origin of German Wealth (III)

HERZOGENAURACH/KIETRZ (Own report) - Reports about the Nazi camp in the previously German town Katscher (today's Kietrz, in southern Poland) furnish new information on the Nazi past of the Schaeffler Company. According to these reports, in the last years of the war, the
old Schaeffler AG was using prison labor from "Poland Camp Nr. 92" located in Katscher. "Poland camps" were primarily to incarcerate people suspected of passive or active resistance to Nazi occupation. Even six-year old children were taken from their families and imprisoned in Katscher. Forced laborers of the Schaeffler AG, who had survived the "Poland camp", reported that "human hair was also being processed" by the company. This corresponds to information gathered by Polish scholars, who explained that in Katscher human hair from the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp was being processed. The dispute over the possibility of business ties between the Schaeffler AG and the Auschwitz camp is taking place almost exclusively behind closed doors.


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