Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Mafiosi State (II) (Mafia Scandal in Kosovo)

Newsletter 2009/12/09 - The Mafiosi State (II)

PRISTINA/BERLIN (Own report) - A new mafia scandal involving Berlin's Kosovo partner is creating unrest in Pristina. A former agent of the Kosovo intelligence service explained that a close associate of Kosovo's incumbent Prime Minister, Hashim Thaci, had commissioned the assassinations of political opponents. According to his report, spies from Thaci's entourage were also responsible for threats and assaults on witnesses, who were to testify against former UCK commanders before the ICTY war crimes tribunal. The European Union, who's "Rule of Law Mission" (EULEX) has known of the accusations for months, is still dragging its feet. Hashim Thaci, who, from the beginning has been rumored to have been involved in organized crime, has been collaborating closely with Berlin and Brussels. In the German capital, he is considered to be the guarantee for preventing unrest in Kosovo, whose secession is being examined for its compatibility with international law by the International Court of Justice since last week. Whereas German jurists, with eccentric argumentation, are seeking to lend the illegal secession from Serbia an appearance of
legality, Spanish jurists are confirming that the act was illegal.


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