Monday, January 04, 2010 News


1. EU enters decisive period for economic plan - 04.01.2010 - 07:32

The next few months will be decisive for the European Union's future economic health, with the bloc set to agree a new 10-year economic plan in a bid to leave the recent recession behind, and chart a fresh course
towards steady growth and job creation.

2. Madrid set to boost EU counter-terrorism activities - 04.01.2010 -

The Spanish EU presidency plans to set up a special unit aimed at sharing counter-terrorism intelligence among member states, according to Spanish media. The move comes amid increased fears of attacks after a failed attempt in December to blow up a US-destined plane taking off from Amsterdam.

3. Icelanders petition against Icesave payback - 04.01.2010 - 07:34

Almost a quarter of Iceland's voters have signed a petition against paying back money lost by foreigners as a result of the collapse of one of the island's main banks in 2008, casting fresh doubt over the country's bid
to join the EU.

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