Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hegemonic Conflict at the Gulf (Iran)

Newsletter 2010/01/25 - Hegemonic Conflict at the Gulf

TEHERAN/BERLIN (Own report) - New reprisals against Iran will be among the main topics to be discussed with the Israeli president, during his visit, which begins today. The German chancellor has announced her willingness to apply stiffer economic sanctions, even without a UN mandate. The EU and the USA have made similar declarations. With a fear of losing out in the long-run to the People's Republic of China, German export enterprises are still putting up resistance. The question of how to handle Teheran's striving to become the major power at the Persian Gulf, in the aftermath of the extensive destruction of Iraq, is at the heart of the dispute among the Germans. One alternative, supported for example by the state-financed Deutsche Welle radio station, is the replacement of the current government by forces imputed to be more acquiescent to Western demands. Germany is also involved in the US war preparations, aimed at applying pressure on Iran. This provides Berlin several variations for compelling the recalcitrant military regime in Teheran to comply with German hegemonic plans for this resource-rich region bordering on the Persian Gulf.


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