Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why are the most degenerate despots disproportionately black?

Adam Charles from the UK observes in response to
Let Haiti help themselves

Unfortunately Haiti's history since its violent birth left 24,000 French colonists and 100,000 Haitians of African ancestry dead, the nation has mostly been ruled by a series of despotic dictators of the classical African flavour that we are all to familiar with. You know, there are so many theories out there, from the the liberal lefty's "fault of the colonial masters centuries ago" to the opposing racially undertoned ultraconservative view of a "Haitian vodoo pact with the devil". I consider both to be extreme and misleading and although based on some degree of historical truth, they do not point to the real reason why this country can be considered a failed state, and the primary reason we see such devastation in the wake of a natural disaster that would have a comparatively marginal impact on other disaster prone countries like Japan or even Turkey. Since its founding, Haiti has essentially failed to set-up a a stable and successfully governing state with effective and responsible administrative capabilities that can provide security and all the multitude of element a modern society needs to flourish and prosper. The products of good government do all the things that help prevent what we have seen occur in Haiti in the aftermath of a natural disaster. The question is, why? What is the true and real reason why this country, as so many others in particular regions of the world has not been able to produce a stable line of leaders who love for their people what they would love for themselves? There are dictators whose style and right to leadership may be unacceptable and even downright brutal, like those of the middle east, but it only seems to be in certain nations of sub-Saharan Africa that this despotism degenerates to the greatest extent into a kind of wretched, blood-lust which seeks to gain at all costs, however gruesome and heartless it may be, with no regard for fellow man at a national or even human level.

 Some unsettling clues are offered by a Ugandan in Why Black People Have Remained Backward and by Abraham Lincoln. Warning: for mature audiences only - others will only get hateful and angry, frustrated at the facts that disturb their politically correct delusions!

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