Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Balance of Weaknesses (II) (The Gaza Flotilla)

Newsletter 2010/06/07 - A Balance of Weaknesses (II)

TEL AVIV/GAZA/BERLIN (Own report) - Berlin is using international outrage over the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Flotilla to reinforce Germany's position in the Middle East. The German chancellor demands that the EU take part in an international investigation of the acts of violence that took place May 31. This would provide Germany with opportunities to obtain more influence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For years the Federal Republic of Germany has been systematically expanding its footholds in Israel's close vicinity -with military - as well as police missions in the name of the United Nations and the EU. The objective is the complete normalization of German operations throughout the Middle East. At the same time, Berlin is intensifying its cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and demanding an end to the blockade of Gaza - which is only reinforcing the region's anti-Western forces, according to government advisors.The  German government is continuing to combine signals for cooperation with Arab countries - who are contributing heavily to Germany's export success - with close cooperation with Israel, thereby averting a consolidation of a potential predominant power in the Middle East, a region rich in resources.