Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The European Foundation

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Sara Moore
[The European Journal, May 2008]

Defending the Supremacy of Parliament
Bill Cash, MP
[The European Journal, April 2008]

The Reform Treaty's Impact on EU Defence Integration

Dr Liam Fox, MP
[The European Journal, January 2008]

The Swiss model is a workable model for Britain
Ruth Lea, Director of Global Vision
[The European Journal, January 2008

Whose Court of Justice?
The European Supreme Court

Margarida Vasconcelos, Head of Research at the European Foundation
[the European Journal, January 2008]

The Dogs Have Barked and the European Caravan Must be Stopped
Bill Cash, MP, UK
[The European Journal, November/December 2007]

Czech President, Vaclav Klaus
and colleagues speak to
the European Foundation

Vaclav Klaus and colleagues, CZECH REPUBLIC
[The European Journal, May 2006]